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2018 dongguan city drinking water source water pollution accident emergency drill

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-07
Recently, water treatment equipment at the scene of the staff know, qingxi reservoir leakage of diesel pollution by a car, affecting nearly 100000 people around the safe drinking water & hellip; … Yesterday afternoon 3 when, in 2018, dongguan city drinking water source water pollution accident emergency drill held in qingxi town qingxi reservoir. Vice mayor YuLiJun emergency exercise activities, she stressed to improve the emergency mechanism, exercise and improve emergency response team ability quality, ensure the security of the drinking water sources in the city and ecological environment. Drill activities started yesterday afternoon 3 when, the scene simulation diesel car accidents that caused leaking into reservoir, diesel polluted drinking water sources, seriously affect the safety of drinking water surroundings. Qingxi reservoir immediately start emergency plans, in 5 minutes will be reported to the municipal environmental protection bureau. After check with the municipal government and municipal environmental protection bureau is approved, immediately start drinking water sources in dongguan water pollution accident emergency plan. After initial treatment, emergency response, site disposal, emergency stop, clean-up after five links, within an hour dispose of water pollution, and provide emergency drinking water security, complete the information release and other subjects, to ensure the safety of drinking water surroundings. Single YuLiJun said that drinking water supply in dongguan, 90% of drinking water in the city rely on dongjiang, involving tens of millions of people live and work, to ensure the safety of drinking water sources is very important. Currently, the impact of water quality safety emergencies cause of increased, the whole city to keep a clear mind, we will further improve the environment emergency measures, effectively eliminate the environmental pollution accidents in the bud, to ensure that the whole city people's life and property safety, provides a strong guarantee for the healthy development of social economy.
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