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2018 membrane water treatment equipment technology development and application of BBS

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-07
“ 2018 membrane water treatment equipment technology development and application of BBS and industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province membrane technology transfer meeting & throughout; In the jiangbei district, nanjing city, jiangsu province industrial technology research and building a garden. The meeting, well-known companies at home and abroad, well-known industry experts, as well as the related user unit, everyone gathered, from the industry cutting-edge technology and development to technology popularization; To exchange market application, the whole industry chain docking, plan for water treatment equipment industry of new technology, new opportunities, to the further development of water treatment equipment industry provides a strong momentum. Issues related to this BBS is full, rich in the aspect of industry analysis, in view of the current and future development situation of interpretation of the film industry development present situation and the trend analysis method, membrane water treatment at home and abroad research hot spot and membrane water treatment and to enterprise development direction etc. Of China membrane industry association secretary-general ji-wen wang for the development of China's film industry were expounded and prospect, seawater desalination, chemical metallurgy to medicine and medical industry more elaborated the current & other; Membrane technology overview & throughout; ; Combined with data introduced the film market in the industrial sewage, municipal sewage water and the application of seawater desalination and other industries; And focus on inorganic membrane, electric membrane, and the gas separation membrane and so on the many kinds of membrane technology in the development of China; Finally expounds the opportunities and challenges in the development of Chinese film industry, outlook, etc. , our country is described in detail the current status quo and future development in the field of film. From China environmental protection industry association deputy secretary-general, yan kai, China's environmental protection industry present situation and the development of water pollution control technology, made a speech, mainly on the current environmental protection industry in the critical period, GongJianQi and window environment situation are analyzed, and analyses the main environmental policy in detail.
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