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20GP Preform Caps Sent To Fiji

20GP Preform Caps Sent To Fiji


The first factory in Shenzhen, 03.14 officially began shipping to customers. This time, the container was filled with some auxiliary materials and bottling materials required for 5 gallon water filling machines, such as 5 gallon bottle caps. In Fiji, customers have repurchased from us several times what we need for our equipment. Prove that our product quality has been certified by customers. Regarding product quality control: we will provide professional overseas after-sales service or online service consultation to meet customer needs in all aspects.

Bottle caps are used for filling beverages, water and other liquids into the bottles for sealing. We can produce bottle caps and preforms of different bottle types. Plastic pe pet pp, glass bottles, aluminum cans, etc.

Founded in 2008, jndwater has more than ten years of experience in the production, sales and after-sales of beverage machinery packaging. We are committed to being the most competitive manufacturer of bottle blowing machines, filling machines, water treatment, labeling machines, and packaging machines in China. Served 200 countries and 150+ turnkey A-Z lines. Customers are welcome to visit our company for study and cooperation.

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