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300L/H reverse osmosis water treatment to the Philippines

300L/H reverse osmosis water treatment to the Philippines


The 300L/H reverse osmosis water treatment equipment has been installed and commissioned, and the equipment is operating normally, with an output of 300 liters per hour. Reverse osmosis membrane is an artificial semi-permeable membrane with certain characteristics made by simulating biological semi-permeable membrane. It is the core component of reverse osmosis technology. The principle of reverse osmosis technology is that under the effect of higher than the osmotic pressure of the solution, these substances and moisture are separated according to the fact that other substances cannot penetrate the semi-permeable membrane. The membrane pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is very small, so it can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, etc. in water. The system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple process and easy operation.

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is a kind of water treatment equipment in the water treatment equipment. It mainly performs reverse osmosis water treatment on tap water and groundwater. After the treatment of the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, the conductivity of the produced water will be lower. After being processed by reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, ion exchange equipment is used to prepare ultrapure water to achieve a resistivity of 18 ohms. It can be used for osmotic pressure separation and purification and concentration of reverse osmosis.

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