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50000 tons of rain water recycling system in recycling rainwater for 6 square meters irrigation

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
Not a drop of water, 60000 square meters of green rainwater irrigation with rainwater recycling system filtering. Recently, the water treatment company rainwater recycling system engineer to visit dongguan wanda plaza building, found that in a 820 cubic meters of underground rainwater collection pool, a complete set of rain water filtration equipment putting-in-service proactively, use water 50000 tons a year, enough to fill 26 standard swimming pool. Wanda plaza, the underground layer of rainwater recycling system between the size of a nearly hundred square meters room, inside filled with filter, pressure tank and other equipment. Staff of the rainwater recycling system, otherwise & room behind other Mystery & throughout; , on the back wall there are two pools, one large and one small big is rainwater collection pool, covers an area of 820 cubic meters, small clear water reserviors, 240 cubic meters. Large pool of rainwater after filtering processing equipment into the small pool, repass pipe can be for building near the landscaping, landscape irrigation. Two storage pool filled with water, lasts at least 2 weeks. Wanda plaza outside the marble vault with a black triangle of pool, pool nozzle is slowly release the spray, the distance has three rectangular landscape pool, the pool of cheng fang is collected and filtered water. Responsible for the management of wanda property management co. , LTD. , general manager assistant, the investment of more than 50 ten thousand yuan of rainwater recycling system and putting-in-service proactively. The system collected after purification of water, can completely satisfy the building around 60000 square meters of grass green irrigation. According to the rainwater recycling facilities can make use of rain throughout the year of 50000 tons, is expected to save water is about 170000 yuan.
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