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99% of people don't know the purchase skills of laser marking machines

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-18
Laser marking machine because of environmental protection, energy saving, pollution-free now become the most of the Enterprise LOGO laser engraving equipment, two-dimensional code traceability and other preferred a sign to achieve. The price of laser marking machine has also dropped from the initial hundreds of thousands to the price that is now very close to the people. The average small and medium-sized enterprise can afford it and can use it. It really makes ordinary people enjoy benefits from the development of domestic laser technology. But the laser industry, after all, is a new high-tech industry, many people do not understand in the procurement of laser marking machine in the process should pay attention to what? What kind of laser marking machine can be purchased to bring clear and exquisite laser marking to our products in a stable and lasting manner. Among them, there are many shoddy products in the domestic market. Take some inferior laser accessories at will, and then three or two people will piece together a laser marking machine and send it to customers without formal aging tests. After the customer pays for the purchase, he will contact the manufacturer because of the after-sales problem. Many manufacturers say that our small team has not done the laser marking machine; The new laser marking machine bought by many enterprises has been exhausted in less than a year, and the marks are blurred; Some processing enterprises are cheap when buying laser marking machines. After one year of use, the marking system and computer system become extremely slow and often crash; For this reason, laser has summed up the skills of laser marking machine for you with more than ten years of experience in laser marking machine industry. My mother will no longer worry that the majority of laser marking machine purchasing friends will buy high-priced and low-quality laser marking machines. First, the matching of brand displays: the selection of displays laser is the selection of brand displays that are highly recognized and stable by customers in the market. Second, choose the brand lens of the listed company: the quality of the lens directly affects the stability of the marking effect of the laser marking machine and the accuracy of the effect, and the beam has no attenuation and amplification. Third, the z-axis span is wider, the displacement accuracy is higher and more stable: the z-axis height adjustment support component with wider span and larger span is selected to ensure a stable support for the laser and provide guarantee for stable operation. Four, stable and reliable brand laser: laser is the core component of the whole laser marking machine, the selection of high quality, long life, good stability of the laser can ensure the stable operation of the whole machine. V. Brand industrial control computer: industrial control computer requires a relatively wide operating temperature range; Devices with better stability are needed, such as devices against strong interference; These characteristics are all requirements for industrial control computers in laser marking applications. Six, laser control marking card and software: genuine laser marking control card and genuine marking control software. The advantage of genuine software is that it runs stably and can continuously upgrade the latest version of marking software online, continuously fix various bugs of the software, and the database capacity is very large. Seven, switching power supply: switching power supply is the power source of all laser marking machine electrical parts, the stability of the power supply part often affects the stability of the whole machine. In particular, the load capacity and stability of the power supply of the laser marking machine greatly affect the service life and stability of the whole machine. Eight, perfect quality inspection process and aging test before leaving the factory: laser marking machine finished product inspection and aging is also an essential link in the equipment production process. Each laser marking machine of the laser has passed the quality inspection of each process and the aging test for more than 24 hours before leaving the factory, ensuring that each laser marking machine sent to the customer's factory is a fine product. Laser marking machine industry really do a good job and good service, is a high-tech threshold of the industry, many small companies in the entry of a year after the discovery of the machine and after-sales a lot of problems. However, the laser marking machine enterprises that have really done well all take a series of measures such as high-quality hardware guarantee, software guarantee and machine testing aging to ensure the stability and working time of the machine, due to the control of the core components of the laser marking machine in the early stage, there are very few after-sales problems caused by real quality problems.
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