Glass Bottle Beverage Beer & Wine Production Line

Product Detail

Glass Bottle Beverage Beer & Wine Production Line

The Glass Bottle Beverage Beer & Wine Production Line is a production line connected by bottle unloader, bottle washing machine, filling machine, mixing tank, cap lifter, cap washing machine, capping machine, blow dryer, light inspection, labeling machine, packaging machine, palletizer, laser marking machine and conveying system. Suitable for water, tea drinks, protein drinks, fruit juice drinks, vegetable juice drinks, functional drinks and other production

Product Feature

Good material to prevent dripping The filling head and filling valve are made of SUS304 stainless steel, with the function of preventing leakage Fast, stable and automatic Easily adjust the position and angle, fast and stable, with the function of no bottle, no filling, and automatic stop for bottle accumulation, realizing the production without supervision Wide application and stable performance Applicable to the actual situation of different companies, the closed high-speed standardized production line of fully automatic flow production and the production line of medium and low speed special-shaped bottles have been launched


Rinser position32
Filling position32
Capping heads8
Bottle height150-340mm
Bottle diameterφ50-φ105mm

Key Features

· Factory price

· Stable performance

· Advanced technology

· Perfect function

· Easy operation

· High intelligence

Shipping Details

We usually use three modes of transportation: sea transportation, air transportation and land transportation. We will discuss with the guests about the specific transportation mode. 

We provide some services for our guests; 

1. After the customer confirms that the product is qualified and the delivery date, we will pack the equipment. At the same time, we can provide customers with packaging related data, and we can also provide customers with booking service. 

2. When loading, we will take photos to the guests. 

3. JNDWATER will buy insurance for the goods of the guests. 

4. Provide the customs clearance information of the goods to the guests. 

5. During the transportation of goods, we keep close contact with our guests. 

6. If there are guests who are not clear about customs clearance, we can cooperate.

Glass Bottle Beverage Beer & Wine Production Line
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