Ice Vending Machine

Product Detail

Ice Vending Machine

1. Capacity: 140KG-900KG per day.
2. waterpr
oof all-steel cabinest, the front door open dessign,safeety and health durable and easy installation.
3. The parts of connecting with ice and water ,used stainless steel 304,all adopt food grade.
5. Payment system: cion or IC card,change available(additional function).
6. GSM available
7. Automatic bagging, cut,packing, sealing.
8. No ice. not sell.
9. Add RO water treatment system, ice-cube can be eaten directly.


Power SupplyAc 380V-50Hz/ Ac 220V-60Hz (3phase)
Capacity Of Ice450KG/24H(ambient Temperature 20°C)
Size Of The Ice-Cube2.2cm×2.2cm×2.2cm
Capacity Of Ice Mold Space540 Space
Spec Of Compressor3P
Material Of Ice TankStainless Steel 304
Water SourceTap Water(Storage tank available)
Pressure Of Raw Water≥0.1mpa
Capacity Of Pure Wateroptional
Recovery30% To 50%
Sales MethodInduction IC Card/Coin
Dispensing IceBulk Ice/Bag Ice
Bag Size300*550mm
Bag Thickness0.05mm (Single Layer)
Range Of Bag Ice1KG To 4.5KG
Capacity Of Inside Storage BagAbout 250 Pcs
Size Of Bulk Ice TankW45cm×D35cm×50cm (Incubator Within The Size)
Machine SizeW120cm×D105cm×220cm

Key Features

· Factory price

· Stable performance

· Advanced technology

· Perfect function

· Easy operation

· High intelligence

Shipping Details

We usually use three modes of transportation: sea transportation, air transportation and land transportation. We will discuss with the guests about the specific transportation mode. 

We provide some services for our guests; 

1. After the customer confirms that the product is qualified and the delivery date, we will pack the equipment. At the same time, we can provide customers with packaging related data, and we can also provide customers with booking service. 

2. When loading, we will take photos to the guests. 

3. JNDWATER will buy insurance for the goods of the guests. 

4. Provide the customs clearance information of the goods to the guests. 

5. During the transportation of goods, we keep close contact with our guests. 

6. If there are guests who are not clear about customs clearance, we can cooperate.

Ice Vending Machine
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