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Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company with strong R&D capacity and strict quality management system. We utilize all kinds of advanced machines throughout the production process to manufacture. Water treatment machine is one of the most common and important machines for people’s daily life.

The water treated by this kind of machine can meet the standard of pure water. This series of machines adopt high technology and RO membranes to remove the organic bacteria, pathogens, etc. contained in the water and are widely popular used for drinking water treatment, industrial waste treatment and so on in medical, agricultural and chemical industries. It has a simple structure and requires easy installation and easy maintenance. The shell and pipes are made of anti-corrosion materials, which makes the whole equipment durable and long lasting. We also adopt advanced monitoring system to ensure the machine operates safely and stably. With intelligent circuit design, the equipment can automatically stop and run based on the level of the water, providing much convenience for the operators. Thanks to the design of the auto-check conductance display, it allows people to know the water quality at any time.

J&D adopts fiber-glass tank membrane, stainless steel tank membrane, fiber-glass filter tank, stainless steel filter tank, and pump & RO membrance of different tanks for satisfying the needs of customers.

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