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A handheld laser welding machine characteristic advantage

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-28
Handheld laser welding machine has higher production rate of obedience. To undertake small-scale processing or a wide range of welding production workshop, a manual laser welding is a better choice. Don't need to set the device to deploy welding machine, small footprint, with a focus on the welding product diversification, the product shape flexible, hand-held laser welding machine can satisfy this demand completely. Hold the laser welding machine welding machine using hand torch instead of the previously fixed optical path, the subversion of the previous work mode of the laser welding machine. This operation mode is not only easy to mold, advertising words, kitchen utensils and appliances, and other products of welding, but also can undertake outdoor laser welding. Hold a welding machine, laser welding machine characteristics with flexible welding head, which can realize outdoor welding. Holding a torch mode of operation to make welding workpiece can be in any place at any Angle. Suitable for all kinds of complex welding joint and spot welding of various kinds of equipment. Second, the application range of the hand-held laser welding machine is widely used in the kitchen, household appliances, advertising, molds, stainless steel doors and Windows, handicrafts, household items, furniture, auto parts and many other industries. The advantages of three, hand-held laser welding machine 1. Simple operation, can easily achieve high quality welding effect. 2. Suitable for small scale production: compared with the full automatic equipment deployment, hand-held laser welding machine has a lower compliance rate of production. But for engaged in small-scale processing or a wide range of welding workshop, manual laser welding is a better choice, do not need to set up the equipment to deploy welding machine, small footprint, according to the diversification of welding products, flexible product shape, hand-held laser welding machine can completely meet the needs of the production. 3. Low maintenance cost: hand-held laser welding without joining wire, the basic no consumables expenses. Pump sources are used to the life of more than 100000 hours, daily basic free maintenance, saving more worry. If you need a higher compliance rate of laser equipment production, hand-held laser welding machine is a more good choice. Laser welding equipment recommendation: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser welding equipment 】 Suitable for all kinds of complex welding, the welding of different equipment and 1 mm thick seam welding; Multi-channel fiber optic mode, welding transfer at the same time; 【 Mould laser welding equipment 】 Applicable mould industrialized, used for precision mold repair, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobile, motorcycle, mold and other mold manufacturing and molding industry. 【 Gold and silver jewelry laser welding 】 Mainly used in jewelry, such as electronics, communications, handicrafts and other industries; 【 Large laser welding 】 Application in automobile body covering parts of compound, such as car door, side wai, window, floor, warehouse, the warehouse before, trunk lid. 【 Automatic laser welding machine 】 Using numerical control software by moving or rotating workpiece computer control of mechanical system, so as to realize automatic welding 【 The laser spot welder 】 Can be used for jewelry, watches and clocks hairspring, integrated circuit lead all kinds of small, precise welding of heat sensitive parts of the YAG laser welding machine 】 High density, the structural weld, precise control, high power density, deep and narrow welds, welding seam and beautiful characteristics of laser welding equipment with more hand-held laser welding machines, laser welding machine welding machine
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