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Abnormal phenomenon of tubular sterilizer in use

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-29
Abnormal phenomena common in the use of tubular sterilizer in the daily use of tubular sterilizer, various machine abnormalities may occur because of improper operation or improper cleaning. The following are the most common abnormalities, causes and solutions of sterilizers in normal operation. . 1. The reason why the temperature does not rise: the steam pressure is low; Water valve leakage; The trap was damaged. Remedy: steam pressure conditioning to 0. 4-0. 6Mpa; Repair and replace the makeup valve; Replace trap. 2. The reason why the temperature cannot drop: the diaphragm valve or bypass valve leaks. Remedy: repair replacement diaphragm valve or bypass valve. 3. The reason for the severe outbreak of the product: the temperature difference between each other's temperature areas is too large; The error between the display temperature and the actual temperature is very large; Water tank. Measures: control the temperature of each area according to process requirements; Correct the temperature in each area; Stop the water supply. 4. Phenomenon: Reasons for product output reduction: long walking cycle; The oil temperature is low. Remedial measures: adjust the walking cycle; Raise the oil temperature to 35-50 °C. The reason why the grid bracket is lifted or pulled out on one side: the strokes of the rising, falling, moving and withdrawing cylinders are inconsistent. Measures: repair the steering gear manifold; Replace the sealing ring in the cylinder. Finally, if you want to reduce the abnormality of the sterilizer, use the check Rod condition and use it to clean the machine.
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