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About the Difference of The Common Packaging Water on The Market

About the Difference of The Common Packaging Water on The Market


China beverage industry net 2018-08-28 12:26:20

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JD WATER-Blogpost-about The Difference Of The Common Packaging Water On The Market


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Natural mineral water, natural water, drinking distilled water, pure water, mineral water...What's the difference?Isn't it all water?!Why so many?What's the difference between them?

This article lists several types of packaged water on the market, hoping that the next time you and I are in front of the shelves, we can quickly pick out the water we want. Natural mineral water

Natural mineral water is a kind of underground mineral water which is formed under certain geological conditions and exists in the strata of certain geological structure.It is characterized by deep underground circulation, containing certain mineral salts, trace elements or carbon dioxide, and can not be transported to other places.

On the advantages of natural mineral water, mineral content is relatively rich, stable water quality, relatively small risk of pollution.

The downside is that, as the saying goes, "scarcity is the price of water."

Natural drinking water

Natural water is formed with surface water or underground springs, Wells, mineral water as raw water, rather than tap water in the city.

Through some technologies, the trace impurities and harmful substances contained in raw water are removed, while the nutrients in raw water and trace elements and minerals beneficial to human body are retained. It is truly drinking water processed with water in nature.

As for the advantages of natural water -- it is rich in minerals.However, most of the water sources are surface water, so the risk of pollution is relatively high.

Drink distilled water

Distilled water is simply water that has been distilled and condensed.

Once the most commonly heard is the kind of industrial distilled water, is the need for two or three times the distillation of ultra-pure water.

But as a drink you don't have to, you don't have to.

Pure drinking water

Pure water, as the name suggests, is pure water, does not contain impurities or bacteria, does not contain organic pollutants, inorganic salts, additives and other H2O, characteristics and the first two are about the same, is a word, pure!

It will be natural water after many processes purification processing and purification, the removal of harmful substances in water, finally sealed in the container, you say pure impure!

The advantage of this kind of pure water is naturally pure without impurities and bacteria, but everything has advantages will also have shortcomings.

Pure water does not contain trace elements, so long-term drinking may lead to the loss of certain elements in the body and cause the corresponding disease.

But these trace elements can be supplemented in the usual meals, the possibility of disease is not much, after all, never heard of who because of drinking pure water and disease.

Mineral water

Mineral water is simply adding something to pure water to make it less pure.What did I add?It is the microelement that a few human body need.

Usually mineral water is the tap water in the city as raw water, or through a series of processes such as purification and purification to kill bacteria, but the difference is that some minerals are added.

What are the advantages of mineral water?Nature is to have certain mineral content, since said before is what human body needs, that affirmation has certain help to human body.

And insufficient, it is the mineral substance that some add artificially probably what human body absorbs is not very good, and mineral content also compares sheet.

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