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Achieve mechatronics of food and agricultural

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-09
?????Traditional packaging machinery mostly adopts mechanical control, such as cam distribution shaft type. Later, control forms such as photoelectric control and pneumatic control appeared. However, with the increasing improvement of food processing technology, the requirements for packaging parameters continue to increase. The original control system has been unable to meet the development of new forms, and new technologies should be used to change the appearance of food packaging machinery. Today's food packaging machinery is a mechanical electronic device that has integrated machines, electricity, gas, light, health and magnetism. Zhengzhou Yonglian Machinery Co., Ltd.'s automatic granule packaging machine can automatically complete all tasks such as metering, bag making, filling, sealing, batch number printing, cutting and counting. Computer control, the system uses stepping motor subdivision technology, intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system. There is also a plastic bag sealing machine for Jiangsu Qunjie Machinery, whose sealing quality is related to packaging materials, heat sealing temperature and running speed. If the material (material, thickness) changes, the temperature and speed will also change, but the change is difficult to grasp. If microcomputer control is used, the sealing temperature and speed of various packaging materials are matched to the microcomputer memory and matched with the necessary sensors to form an automatic tracking system. In this way, no matter which process parameter is changed, the best Sealing quality. Adopt new technologies and establish a new system of automated, diversified and multi-functional integrated packaging machinery. Agricultural product packaging machinery technology development trends are mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, single-machine multi-functional, multi-functional production lines. Several machines with different functions and matching efficiency can be combined into a more complete production line. In addition, as packaging research progresses from a single technology to a combination of processing, the field of packaging technology should be extended to the processing field, and packaging and processing integrated food and agricultural product processing and packaging equipment should be developed. ----- Information provided--Zhengzhou Yonglian Machinery Co., Ltd.
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