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Advantages of aseptic filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-29
Beverage filling ushers in a new technology. Aseptic filling machine can eliminate damage. It adopts weighing metering method, with high filling precision and very convenient setting and adjusting filling quantity. PLC and touch screen are selected for automatic control, which has the benefits of accurate measurement, advanced structure and stable operation. The aseptic filling machine includes the filling part, the sealing part and the auxiliary part of the main machine. The auxiliary machine includes the elevator and the cover machine, and the filling part includes: cylinder body and automatic liquid feeding system, filling valve, lifting equipment, bottle holding equipment, bottle feeding screw and its transmission system, the auxiliary part of the main engine includes frame, power equipment, bottle Guide and its transmission equipment, conveyor belt, the sealing part includes gland main transmission equipment and gland head. Aseptic filling machine and material contact are made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance does not pollute the environment, simple disassembly and assembly, easy cleaning, in line with GMP standards. It has the function of automatic peeling, and can automatically complete the whole filling process such as pulling out the cover, vacuumizing, quantitative filling and capping after starting, with high degree of automation. Fast and Slow double-speed filling to prevent overflow and ensure weighing accuracy; Nitrogen filling system can be installed according to customer's requirements. International well-known brand electrical appliances and pneumatic components are selected, with low failure rate, stable function and stable service life. The key of aseptic cold filling technology is to ensure that the microorganism in the product after filling and sealing is controlled within the promised range (That is, commercial sterility) In order to ensure the success of aseptic cold filling, the production line must be satisfied with the following basic requirements: the product reaches the aseptic condition after ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization; Packaging materials and sealed containers should be sterile; Filling Equipment arrives in aseptic condition; Filling and capping should be carried out in a sterile environment; Establishment, monitoring, recording and control of key control points. Aseptic filling machine has the functions of no bottle, no filling, automatic bottle feeding and out, automatic positioning and filling, automatic liquid level control, etc. , with high degree of automation, scientific and reasonable design of filling nozzle, equipped with anti-drip equipment, ensure that the filling is not leaking, and the material bottles and equipment are clean and hygienic.
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