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Advantages of non-standard automation equipment in industrial application

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
With the formation of industrial automation, more and more enterprises have to change the previous mode of human operation to accept semi-automatic or fully automatic machines to carry out production. Among them, most of the modern hardware crafts are processed or produced by non-standard automation equipment. So let's ask? Why do so many enterprises producing hardware crafts choose semi-automatic or fully automatic non-standard equipment? Next, let's analyze the difference between automation mode and traditional mode. . First, reducing labor costs and recruitment difficulties can directly reduce the number of employees per year and cultivate high-end technical talents for enterprises, thus directly reducing the company's monthly human and material resources expenditure. Second, it can greatly improve the production efficiency on the original basis. Compared with the traditional human efficiency, it is simply incomparable, and there will be no time off, absenteeism and other aspects of labor and physical strength. Third, it can greatly avoid the occurrence of work-related accidents, because the automatic operation of machinery and dialogue through interphones and display screens will greatly reduce the accident rate of natural work-related accidents. Four, the product quality is high, the stability is strong, the equipment maintenance rate is low. Quality is the life of a company, and everyone knows this well. Because the automation equipment production can be debugged, can be monitored, the operation is simple, and the accident of the equipment can also be monitored. Five, environmental protection, energy saving, long service life of the equipment, automation equipment are driven by servo motor, clearance operation, so it is more power saving; Respond to the call of the state; Environmental protection, low noise, no oil pressure; One investment benefits for a long time, and the replacement rate of accessories is also low. Based on the above, we can intuitively analyze the difference between the automation mode and the traditional mode, reflecting some of the advantages of non-standard automation equipment in hardware industrial products. Therefore, more and more enterprises at home and abroad choose the automation mode to solve the production efficiency and technical problems.
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