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Advantages of plastic laser welding machine, is it suitable for our products?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
In the past 15 years, the number and scope of applications of plastics in the manufacturing industry are increasing rapidly. The requirements of lightweight, energy consumption, optical performance and flexibility of products have promoted the development of traditional materials, and diversified plastics have become the only choice to meet these requirements. As a designer or engineer, you may be hesitating about which welding process to use to develop your products to make plastic connections safer and more efficient. Is the use of ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, rotary welding, hot plate hot gas, or the recent popular seemingly new technology 'plastic laser welding machine' (Also known as laser polymer welding). You may be curious to ask what is this? How does it work? Does it apply to my product? What is it? Laser Plastic welding can be defined as: 'A method of connecting two kinds of plastics through the transmission and absorption of laser energy '. Although laser polymer welding is not a new technology, it is still not like traditional plastic connection solutions ( Such as bonding, fastener connection, snap fit and ultrasonic welding)That is widely known or widely adopted. Interestingly, the German automotive industry took the lead in adopting this technology about 19 years ago. Although it used to be (Still is) A revolutionary technology, but it took many years for other industries to gradually use this technology. In today's market, the medical equipment manufacturing and consumer electronics industries have fully recognized that plastic laser welding can bring them huge benefits. How does it work? The two plastic parts are tightly clamped together, and the laser beam with a wavelength in the range of 1000nm penetrates the upper plastic and absorbs on the lower surface. The lower surface plastic absorbs energy to melt and transfers heat to the upper layer plastic and melts it. At the joint surface, the two plastics melt and mix to form a connection almost as strong as the substrate. Advantages of plastic laser welding machine: accurate control of welding area and beautiful welding seam- The appearance on the 'Class A' curved surface is also OKAY. The dimensional tolerance after welding can be controlled to be smaller and will not damage the surrounding materials or sensitive electronic equipment. A completely clean bonding method- Can not produce particles can be miniaturized product design suitable for 3D and complex shapes of product weld design is simple, remove expensive and cumbersome parts features no consumables- For example, fasteners, glues, etc. greatly improve the quality. The adhesive strength is almost as strong as the substrate to reduce the total cost-Is it suitable for our products as a whole? Because the above advantages are very attractive, engineers usually ask: whether Laser Plastic welding can replace the current welding process on products that have been mass produced. Under these circumstances, our suggestion: if the current welding process is effective and there are no big problems, such as high defective rate or poor appearance, then Laser Plastic welding may not be the best solution, because the cost of implementing it is relatively high in the later stage of product development. However, in the product development stage, designers can actively consider the laser plastic welding scheme and keep in touch with experts in this technical field to obtain guidance for laser welding process welds, avoid high risk of mistakes. At the same time, designers also need to consider the following points, so as to decide whether to use laser plastic welding. Is the product output large enough? Such as a year greater than 150 k. Or the product must be of very high value. Whether to adopt automatic production line or manual operation by operator. Is there local technical support to help solve problems encountered in product development, application testing and mass production? Consider the impact of laser plastic welding on the cost from the overall cost? Simple summary: if you need to solve quality problems, or the product is very small, at the same time to avoid damage to sensitive electronic components. . . . . . Then laser plastic welding is your right choice!
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