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Advertising word welding using laser welding machine can be described as 'wonderful'

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-16
Which metal materials can the laser welding machine adapt? Used for welding various stainless steel spherical characters, stainless steel wire drawing characters, stainless steel paint word, stainless steel mirror word, stainless steel flat word, stainless steel solid word, stainless steel spray word, stainless steel spherical word, stainless steel, electroplating word, Seiko stainless steel word, stainless steel gold foil word, iron baking paint word, titanium spherical word, titanium flat word, flat copper word, Seiko titanium word, purple copper word, spherical copper word, red copper antique word, Seiko aluminum word, metal word welding forming etc; Why do advertising words need laser welding? Let's take a look at its advantages and characteristics: 1. Welding has no pollution, no noise, and can be operated in the office to improve the good image of the enterprise. In the past, the traditional welding method would produce a lot of gray smoke or flash and hard-to-resist noise. However, the laser welding machine with advertising words not only has low noise, but also has no smoke, dust and strong light, the welding is accurate, the processing effect is high-grade, and the indoor dust-free operation is realized. Users no longer worry that the outdoor outdoor will be exposed to the sun and rain, and the good image of the company is improved. 2. It is easy to operate and can be mastered in a very short time without technicians. This kind of equipment is aimed at the characteristics of current enterprises such as high employment cost and difficulty in recruiting workers. The developed products are easy to use and are almost 'silly' operations. At first glance, it will save the masses of enterprises, many people worry, green hands can generally master the equipment and use skills of welding equipment within 3 hours. 3. Save Labor adults, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Traditional welding, under the radiation of gray smoke, strong light and noise, workers are easy to feel sleepy and affect their health. However, this kind of advertising word laser welding machine has completely solved this problem, the point welding is 50 times faster than the ordinary welding method, and the benefits are known, and the enthusiasm of the workers is improved. New features of advertising word laser welding machine: 1. The laser working mode is adopted, the cost is low, and there is no need to add other welding materials. 2. The welding speed is 15 times faster than the traditional argon arc welding manual operation. 3. Laser welding has little influence on non-welding areas and will not change its development characteristics due to heat. 4. Precise welding is firm, virtual welding or desoldering will not occur, other welding spots will not appear, and the appearance is beautiful. 6. The welding cost is low, and the cost is almost 1/20 of the traditional cost. 7. Can weld 0. 2- 15mm thick metal material, can weld 2 cm-180 size font structure.
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