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Analysis for the safe use of filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-12
Note 1 for the safe use of filling machine. There is no foreign bodies (in the filling machine equipment Such as tools, rags, etc. ) ; 2. Long hair, shall be appreciating mask. 3. All protected objects should be safe, reliable, it is forbidden to wear on clothes may be in the moving parts ( Such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc. ) ; 4. Don't transfer operation unrelated people close to the equipment; 5. Don't use water and other liquid cleaning electric unit; 6. When cleaning, should wear overalls, gloves, glasses, etc. , strong acid, strong alkali corrosion prevention; 7. Machine is running, someone must monitor, do not use tools or other objects close to the machine; 8. Filling machine is not allowed to have abnormal noise, such as should immediately stop, check the reason. All the above is to introduce the content, hope to be of help. If you want to learn more knowledge, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.
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