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Analysis of chaos in laser marking machine equipment market and how to start a personal business?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-18
Today, I will give you a detailed account of the chaos of the laser market and how to start a business. Don't underestimate the 'beginning' of entrepreneurship. This often determines whether you are successful or unsuccessful. First of all, the chaos in the laser equipment market, in the laser marking machine manufacturers 'stay' a little longer, the price of laser marking machine in recent years has always been the heart of many manufacturers. In order to consistently adhere to the quality of products, it is necessary to have a fierce confrontation with some profit-oriented manufacturers in the market. This is not just a simple question of market positioning. If a company wants to operate and develop, it must have orders. From our manufacturers, every time we hear a customer who comes to consult say, 'where is the equipment only 10 thousand and why is your home so expensive', we are very helpless. From our laser marking machine equipment manufacturers, the cost of the whole process from the whole machine design, the selection of the chassis manufacturer, the selection of accessories to the completion of the equipment is much higher than the price you quoted us, we are manufacturers, just think about the quality of the equipment you mentioned. Therefore, choosing a laser marking machine is the 'beginning' of our business '. It is suggested that equipment below 20 thousand should not be used. It is OK to play with it. If you really want to sell products, quality and repeat customers are the reference for your choice of products. Let's talk about personal entrepreneurship. You must not buy it home with your equipment. When you sit there, the order will fall from the sky and you will sit at home and count the money. I didn't mean to hit you. Starting a business has never been so simple. Moreover, you have to start a personal business with a small amount of money. You have to thank God for having a small processing list at the beginning, don't underestimate such a single, the single profit may not be high, but the quantity is often not small. Do you know how profitable the printing factory is? Analogy profit model, similar! If you want to open a shop, you can choose a place with more processing plants. Many manufacturers will use laser marking technology, but many of them will not buy laser equipment to do it themselves. After all, it is only a small point in their business, so, this is your growth point. Run more factories like this, first understand where they can be used, then talk about it, bring some samples of their related industries, and directly hit the pain points. The business is so 1. 1 points. In fact, there are far more places to use laser marking than you think. logo trademark, graphic, production date, two-dimensional code, bar code, etc. , take our machinery and equipment manufacturers, each machine has a nameplate, this is done with a laser marking machine. If you really start a business, you will never worry about finding customers and enjoying your success. You will take the initiative to run the list, use the Internet for publicity, open an online store, etc; At the beginning, you may feel that you are in a hurry. It doesn't matter. Looking for a reliable mode of operation is to start from an individual and establish contacts in the process of production and sales, more to explore and think about their own profit model and management methods, always keep a learning heart, put ideas into practice, and ask manufacturers when they encounter problems they don't understand, such 'assistants' need not be used for nothing. Here, the routine of personal entrepreneurship of laser equipment is almost the same. This Road is a case of practice and success. If you don't like it, don't spray it. Maybe you have your own road to success, can communicate. It is never easy to start a business. I have seen on many platforms that some people have been fooled into buying equipment of poor quality because they do not understand the equipment, and there is still no way to complain, but there are still a group of individual entrepreneurs who have gone forward, wen zhe sad see tears. It cannot be ruled out that big manufacturers will not cheat you, but the cheap laser really should not be bought again. If an enterprise wants to continue its development, it will not give its customers equipment without guaranteed orders. In this respect, radium man laser is a perfect child. We strongly recommend that you go to the factory for on-the-spot investigation. We have the ability and confidence to let you see our products and our production results, it can help you move forward better and faster on the road of personal entrepreneurship.
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