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Analysis of Sealing Machine Quality Industry

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-07
The bag forming-filling-sealing machine is a general-purpose mechanical product with a large volume and a wide range. This machine uses various plastic composite films or single films to package block, granular, powder, liquid and viscous materials, which can be automatically completed. The entire packaging process such as bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, etc., can prevent moisture, mildew, pollution, and oxidation, and extend the storage period. Bag forming-filling-sealing machine is suitable for various plastic composite film bags or aluminum foil composite film bags, such as polyester / polyethylene, nylon / polyethylene, polypropylene / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum foil / polyethylene, nylon / aluminum foil / Polyethylene and other composite materials are widely used in various industries such as light industry, food, medicine, chemical industry, etc. At present, it is widely used in domestic and export product packaging. ? ??????In the food industry, it is very common to use this type of packaging machine to package food. Various solid materials such as puffed food, seeds, candy, etc., powdery materials such as milk powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, seasoning powder, etc., liquid materials such as milk, soy sauce, vinegar, This kind of automatic packaging is increasingly used for various foods such as fruit juice. The packaged food has a long shelf life, which greatly extends the shelf life of the food and improves the accuracy of packaging measurement. Compared with traditional manual packaging, the use of this kind of packaging is more hygienic, avoids secondary pollution to packaging materials such as food and medicine, and also suppresses crude production to a certain extent, and greatly improves production efficiency. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, many pharmaceuticals and chemicals use this kind of automatic packaging, especially for pharmaceuticals. GMP certification has mandatory regulations for automatic packaging. For tablets, powders and granular drugs, automatic packaging is required. Put an end to pollution. In light industry hardware and other industries, this packaging method is widely used in washing powders, shampoos, detergents, and more and more cosmetics. Various hardware and electronic components have also begun to use this packaging. This method also reflects Modern production level. ? ??????This kind of machine has various specifications of products, including large bags, heavy bag packaging machines, medium-sized packaging machines, and small bag packaging machines. The measuring methods are electronic scale type and volume type. Different packaging materials can be divided into liquid, granules and powder. And other types of packaging machines. ??????Since the 1980s, the bag forming-filling-sealing machine has adopted international standards and absorbed foreign advanced technology features, which have greatly improved the standard level, design and manufacturing technology and product quality. The product quality of some enterprises has reached or approached the advanced level of similar foreign machines. With the rapid development of China's economy, the use of bag forming-filling-sealing machines and the number of production enterprises have been increasing year by year. However, in recent years, private enterprises have rapidly increased and gradually occupied the market, with fierce price and market competition. State-owned enterprises are in a relatively difficult situation due to changes in the external environment and management reasons. The market share has gradually decreased, and the output has also relatively contracted. ??????At present, this type of machine has a large domestic production volume, ranking among the top in the production of various packaging machinery products, and the output of small machines in this type of packaging machines has a particularly large share. The output of such small machines in foreign countries is not large. The products are cheap. At present, they are exported in large quantities around the world, especially in Southeast Asia and other places. ??????Since China's packaging machinery industry started late, it can be said that it is an emerging industry. With the development of the times, there are more and more manufacturers of this type of machinery, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, and towns and private enterprises also account for a small proportion. Some enterprises lack technology, lack self-development capabilities, and have a low level of quality management. The process is not tightly controlled. In order to have an advantage in price, some companies often adopt vicious competition. In order to reduce costs, they use inferior materials, cut corners, and reduce production processes, resulting in poor quality of some packaging machines. ??????The General Supervision and Inspection Center for Packaging Machinery Products of the General Machinery Product Inspection Institute of the Machinery Industry was commissioned by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to conduct a national supervision and random inspection on product quality of bag forming-filling-sealing machines in recent years. ? ??????Randomly inspected the bag forming-filling-sealing machines produced by manufacturers in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Anhui, Shanghai and other provinces and municipalities, and randomly inspected 19 prototypes from 19 companies, and 15 products were qualified. The passing rate of spot checks was 78.9%, of which 9 enterprises passed all inspections. ? (2) Basic information of production enterprises ?????There are about 60 companies producing bag-forming-filling-sealing machines nationwide, mainly in Beijing, Tianjin and Guangdong. Beijing is the domestic birthplace of this product. At first it was the introduction of Japanese technology. After nearly two decades of development, it has reached today's level. There are many varieties and it can be suitable for packaging a variety of materials. There are many manufacturers of bag forming-filling-sealing machines in Beijing. From the results of this random inspection, the quality is relatively good, and the scale of the company is also relatively large among manufacturers of similar packaging machines in the country. ??????Tianjin is also a production base for bag forming-filling-sealing machines. Zui's early production is Tianjin Light Industry Packaging Machinery Factory, and many production enterprises have sprung up in the future. In addition, Guangdong's production enterprises are developing at a faster pace and there are more and more production areas, but the production scale is smaller than that in the northern region, and there are few large-scale enterprises. ? (3) Sampling method ??????Sampling was assigned by the inspection and inspection unit of the machinery industry, packaging machinery product quality supervision and inspection center, and sampling was distributed to various inspected enterprises throughout the country to take samples. A prototype is randomly selected from the finished product warehouse or the end of the production line of each inspected enterprise. The enterprises to be inspected will not be notified in advance or will not be disguised in any way before sampling. After arriving at the enterprise, the spot-check personnel will show the notice of national quality supervision and random inspection. After necessary instructions, they will immediately reach the end of the company's finished product warehouse or production line, and check the product inventory, production plan, sales situation and authenticity of the product within one year of the enterprise. Samples are taken from the products produced by random sampling. The inspection standard is GB / T 17313-1998 'Bag Forming-Filling-Sealing Machine' JB / T 7549.4-1994 'Vertical Bag Forming-Filling-Sealing Machine' JB 7233-1994 'Safety Requirements for Packaging Machinery' ??????The 19 bag forming-filling-sealing machine manufacturers that were spot checked this time accounted for about 30% of the national bag forming-filling-sealing machine manufacturers. There were 4 large-scale enterprises, accounting for 21.1% of the number of spot-checked enterprises, and 8 medium-sized enterprises. , Accounting for 42.1% of the number of enterprises, 7 small enterprises, accounting for 36.8% of the number of enterprises. The spot check results show that the qualification rate of products decreases as the size of the enterprise decreases. This state supervision and random inspection of collective, private, individual, joint-stock enterprises takes into account both old enterprises and new enterprises developed in recent years. Therefore, this spot check basically reflects the current national quality level and industry quality status of bag forming-filling-sealing machine products. ? (4) Results of spot checks ??????Judging from the regional distribution of enterprises, the current regions with large production of bag forming-filling-sealing machines include Beijing, Tianjin and Guangdong Province. This time, 6 enterprises in Beijing were spot-checked, and 5 products were qualified, and the pass rate was 83.3%. Among them, 3 companies were qualified for the full product inspection. 3 companies in Tianjin were 100% in pass rate, and all 3 were All items passed the inspection; 2 enterprises in Shanghai were spot-checked, and the pass rate was 50%; 6 enterprises in Guangdong Province were spot-checked, and 4 products were pass-through, with a pass rate of 66.7%, 2 of which passed the full test. ; Two enterprises in Anhui Province were spot-checked, and the passing rate was 100%. From the results of spot checks, the quality of products in Beijing and Tianjin is better. This area is the base of bag-forming-filling-sealing machine in China. The performance of most enterprises' products is good and the overall quality is high. ??????Major issues revealed during spot checks ??????Of the 19 companies spot-checked, 4 had failed. The items that the four companies have failed in the product are: 1) The standard requirement of the package pass rate is greater than 97%, and two companies have a product pass rate of 22%, which is far lower than the national standard. 2) The standard deviation of the net content is required to be less than ± 9%, and an enterprise exceeds the national standard by 10 times. 3) The dry run test failed. 4) Safety signs and product labels are unqualified. ? (V) Cause Analysis ??????Main causes of the above quality problems 1) Enterprises are affected and impacted by external markets ??????With the continuous deepening of reforms and China's transition from a planned economy to a market economy, the number of private enterprises in packaging machinery production enterprises has continued to increase, and packaging machinery products have shifted from oversupply to oversupply, and market competition is extremely fierce. Bag forming-filling-sealing machines are widely used in light industry, food, medicine, chemical, textile, military and other industries. They are large-scale and wide-ranging products. This product used to be a high-tech product in a single packaging machine. The cooperation requirements are high, and the various links such as the shaper, the correction mechanism, the photoelectric control and the film pulling mechanism are all relatively high. Due to the limitations of the process and electrical components at the time, the production of this machine requires a certain scale, considerable technical strength and Only equipment companies can, because regardless of their production, assembly, commissioning and after-sales maintenance are relatively complicated. ? ???????In the early 1990s, only a few state-owned enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast China produced, such as the Beijing Commercial Machinery Research Institute, Beijing Xiangyang Machinery Factory, Beijing Dasong, Tianjin Light Industry Packaging Machinery Factory, Tianjin Tianli, etc. At that time, these enterprises had their own processing capabilities and strong technical strength. Some private enterprises are formal individual enterprises registered and licensed by the industrial and commercial sector and have production capacity, but a considerable number are underground black factories that are produced without a license. With the increase of production enterprises and the increase of output, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and bag supply-filling-sealing machines have a situation of oversupply, forming a vicious cycle of lower prices and better sales. ? 2) As the market is flooded with fake and shoddy products, it has seriously disrupted the normal production order of the industry. ??????Private enterprises do not have the huge personnel burden of the state-run system, simple management, low costs and high profits. However, some small private companies have weak technical strength, backward production equipment, and lack of inspection methods. Enterprise leaders lack quality awareness, do not understand national standards, let alone quality control and quality management. In order to earn more profits, they adopt vicious competition methods. In order to reduce costs, try every means to cut corners and cut materials, so as to make sure that the poor and inferior products are made to the market and interfere with the normal production order of the industry. ? ??????In order to reduce costs, some companies choose thin steel plates and supporting electrical components to use cheap fake and shoddy products, resulting in poor machine performance, high noise, short life, and long service life. Quality problems are exposed. . ? Inadequate implementation standards, poor awareness of product logos ? ??????The label of the product should be fixed on the obvious part of the product, and the main technical parameters such as the use voltage and the items such as model specifications, date, and number should be noted in order for the user to correctly operate and use, and it is also beneficial to trace the product in question. However, some companies only have the name of the brand, and others do not indicate anything, which brings inconvenience and even unsafe factors to users. ? ??????The national standard clearly stipulates that the packaging machine should have various signs such as clear and eye-catching operation, lubrication, safety or warning. The safety signs shall comply with the provisions of GB 2894 and GB16179. ? ??????The spot check found that the project company did not do well. Although most companies posted safety signs in various relevant parts, most of them were designed by themselves or copied from each other. Although it could make consumers understand what it meant, it was not standardized. , Not in accordance with the national standard style, size, color. In addition, it was found in this random inspection that most of the company's products have grounding devices and obvious grounding signs. Although this project does not cover this standard, this safety requirement has been repeatedly emphasized during our random inspections. The results this time are obviously better than the previous random inspections, indicating that the company's security awareness has been strengthened, which is also gratifying to us. ? 3) Blind self-confidence in own products and not paying enough attention to inspection work ??????The spot check found that some companies were blindly confident in the quality of their products. Because they never tested according to standards, they thought that as long as the appearance of the finished package was acceptable, they did not know that they should do a pressure test to check the quality of the product. During the pressure test, the percentage of samples that passed the clearance was small. ? 4) Management is chaotic and management is not performed in accordance with ISO9000 quality system ??????The management of some enterprises is chaotic, and even some enterprises with large output and good product sales do not have strict management systems, and there is no strict regional division of finished products, semi-finished products, spare parts and even production sites. We saw all kinds of formers stacked randomly on the site without labels and raw materials mixed together. This kind of management will not only cause waste, increase costs, but also affect the quality of the products and bring back the unqualified products. Difficult, not conducive to analysis and find hidden dangers that cause quality problems. Companies often don't pay attention when sales are good, but it's too late when problems are discovered. Enterprises with good product quality, such as Tianjin Sanqiao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., are quite strict in their management. Each area is clearly divided, production is well-organized, and each production link is strictly controlled. This management method is worth learning by other companies. ? 5) Too few technical exchanges between enterprises and insufficient understanding of advanced technologies ??????Enterprises are very eager to understand new technologies and new trends, but they are also worried that they will leak their key technologies and lose the market when communicating with others. This situation has caused everyone to build cars behind closed doors, and some are still tackling problems that others have already solved, which is very unfavorable to the improvement of technical level. For example, some companies have paid a great price and high cost when purchasing leakage devices, while some companies have turned to companies that manufacture switchgear equipment to make orders according to their needs, which has reduced the cost a lot. It is hoped that enterprises can communicate more, learn from each other, and improve together. Of course, we will also create as many communication opportunities for enterprises as possible, and organize technical seminars if necessary to promote new technologies to enterprises. ? (6) Suggestions 1) Most formal production enterprises very much hope that the state can strengthen the management and block the source of fake and shoddy products. They are deeply disgusted with the fake and shoddy products. They hope that the country can rectify the industry and regulate the production order. Welcome, some companies hope to carry out state pumping every year to truly achieve the purpose of supporting superiority and inferiority. At the same time, it is also hoped that the local industrial and commercial departments will ban underground black factories operating without licenses, severely punish them according to law, purify the market, create a fair competition environment for enterprises, and protect the healthy and orderly development of the industry. 2) According to the results of this spot check, the pass rate of the spot check is 78.9%, and the compliance rate of the bid evaluation is 78.9%. Although the pass rate is high, the user feedback indicates that the pass rate of market products is lower than the pass rate of the spot check. rate. According to this situation, for the main quality problems exposed by the unqualified enterprises during the random inspection, it is recommended that the technical supervision department of the enterprise's locality should supervise these enterprises to rectify and improve quality awareness in addition to necessary penalties, so as to truly improve the product quality. 3) It is recommended to revise national standards. It was found in the test that some samples broke when running for less than ten minutes.
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