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Application and classification of aseptic filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-03
Use and classification of aseptic filling machines aseptic filling machines are widely used in aseptic packaging of liquid foods, such as fruit juice, pulp and jam. The product can be stored at room temperature for more than one year, thus eliminating the cost and the risk of low-temperature refrigerated transportation. The aseptic filling machine is directly connected to the sterilizer, and UHT sterilized products can be directly filled into sterile bags. Sterile bags are aluminum-plastic composite multi-layer bags, which can effectively isolate sunlight and oxygen. The temperature regulation system automatically adjusts the temperature of the filling chamber, and uses the steam injection method to disinfect the bag mouth and the filling chamber. Aseptic filling machine can fill all kinds of sterile bags or aseptic boxes from 1L to 1300L. Aseptic bag filling machine has the functions of no bottle filling, automatic bottle feeding, automatic positioning filling, automatic liquid level control, etc. , with high degree of automation, scientific and reasonable design of filling nozzle, and anti-dripping device to ensure filling, do not drip to ensure the cleanliness of material bottles and equipment. The machine is controlled by a programmable controller with an intelligent touch screen. Its humanized design makes the operation of adjusting the filling amount and modifying various parameters very simple, fast and intuitive. The body and frame are made of stainless steel and materials. The barrel and the filling head are connected by food grade plastic pipes, which meets the requirements of food hygiene. The machine design is simple and generous, and the cleaning is convenient. The filling quantity is easy to adjust, and can be applied to bottles of different specifications without replacing spare parts, with convenient adjustment and strong adaptability. The aseptic bag filling machine includes a filling part, a sealing part and an auxiliary part of the main engine. The auxiliary machine includes a lifting machine and a cover machine, among which the filling part includes: a cylinder body and an automatic liquid supply system; Loading valve, lifting device, support piece, bottle setting and bottle screw and its transmission system, main engine auxiliary components include frame, power device, bottle Guide and its transmission device, conveyor belt and sealing parts, comprises a gland main transmission device and a gland head.
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