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Application cases of plastic laser welding machine in lighting industry

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
From ancient times till now, the application of welding technology to the plastic industry is the pain point of researchers, and the traditional plastic welding in the past has great limitations. Poor welding quality, low-speed production efficiency, serious environmental pollution, and difficulties in subsequent treatment have long plagued successful people in the industry. In recent years, laser, as an advanced laser enterprise, has greatly strengthened the discussion and research and development of plastic laser welding machines, and successfully developed a new type of plastic laser welding in 2019. Compared with traditional plastic welding, the emergence of new plastic laser welding equipment can be said to subvert the traditional concept of plastic welding, making a major breakthrough in the field of plastic welding. The welding object for plastic laser welding is thermoplastic. The principle of welding is shown in the following figure, specifically: under the action of pressure, the upper and lower layers are attached together; The laser beam passes through the upper transparent material and is then absorbed by the lower material. The laser energy is absorbed to raise the temperature of the underlying material, melting the plastic of the upper layer and the lower layer, and forming the welding seam through the molecular reconstruction of the upper and lower materials. In the lighting industry, most of the plastic combination takes viscose as the main way of plastic combination, but there are many problems: 1. The manual production efficiency is low and the labor cost is high; 2, the glue is easy to age, it is difficult to pass the cold and hot impact test; 3, the adhesive strength is low, the precision is low, the air tightness is poor, it is difficult to meet the requirements of waterproof; Facing so many plastic welding problems in the lighting industry, laser has creatively developed a plastic laser welding machine for the lighting industry and successfully solved the difficulties and pain points in the lighting industry. Transparent plastic welding case: Underwater lighting lamp welding underwater lighting lamp is used for underwater viewing, decoration and Operation Lighting. Due to the harsh working environment of underwater lamps and lanterns, long-term immersion in water also requires the test of high temperature in summer and severe cold in winter, especially after the water freezes in winter, the test of lamps and lanterns is especially prominent. Therefore, underwater lamps and lanterns need to meet the ultra-high requirements of sealing, mechanical impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and electrical performance. In order to meet the above requirements, the lamps produced by the laser customers before need to be sealed with double sealing rings, then sealed with glue, and finally welded with super waves. In the whole welding process, the production efficiency is low and the bad products are high. After learning about the customer's problems, the laser developed a three-axis plastic laser welding machine for the customer, and the welded lamps successfully passed the customer's rigorous tests. This greatly improves the production efficiency of customers and greatly saves production costs for customers.
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