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Application Division of conventional fiber laser marking machine industry

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
In the production and processing of laser marking machine involves a very wide range, many laser marking machine manufacturers will also according to the characteristics of laser equipment, constantly try to develop new application industry, in the initial stage of development, the effect test and adjustment will be conducted repeatedly according to the technical process requirements of each industry until the technology is fully mature and listed. However, the fiber laser marking machine is a very classic and more conventional equipment. The current application is mature and the popularity is higher than other equipment. It is mainly suitable for marking and engraving of various metal materials, all kinds of plastic transparent keys, IC chips, digital product components, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring and cutting tools, watch glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone communication parts, auto parts, plastic products, medical devices, building materials pipes and other high-precision product identification. In addition, the fiber laser marking machine can engrave LOGO trademarks, patterns, characters, two-dimensional codes, serial numbers, symbols, anti-counterfeiting codes, codes, bar codes, etc. on metal products, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hardware and other products, yintao laser laser equipment has the advantages of fast engraving speed, high production efficiency, long service life, simple operation, zero consumables, only power supply, random modification of pattern and text, labor saving, safety, environmental protection, zero pollution and engraving. and the pattern has no fading and no shedding for a long time. Laser has a group of professional technical team and after-sales service team, which can realize free proofing, free distribution of machines, modulation machines, technical training, remote technical guidance, etc.
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