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Application of laser marking machine for power adapter housing

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
The development of the casual era and the demand of the market are gradually replaced by the past silk screen printing process by the laser marking machine. Laser marking is a clean and pollution-free high-environmental protection processing skill, which has non-touch carving, the workpiece has the characteristics of no deformation, high carving precision, high definition, good permanence, strong wear resistance, etc. The mobile phone is on the road of the world, and all aspects are strict requirements. The small power supply adaptation, mobile power supply and earphone LOGO are all marked by laser marking machine. The skill of laser marking machine for power adapter shell has been widely used in all walks of life, and is widely used for modern processing and production with high quality, high efficiency, no pollution and low cost. Important components of smart phones-Power Adapter! Let's analyze the marking of the laser marking machine on the mobile phone power adapter: follow the user and the manufacturer's demand for the adapter is getting higher and higher! For example, the mobile phone power adapter of the network Collection manufacturer uses laser marking, which is a clean and pollution-free power adapter laser engraving (Famous brand)How did you do it? Let me tell you, when I first came into contact with this, the traditional method is to use silk screen to print on the appearance. The silk screen ink has a strong contrast, and the silk screen outlets are not delicate enough to match the color, the printing effect is not ideal, and the ink components used in silk screen printing are all chemical elements. Now all businesses specify the demand to use low-carbon and environment-friendly new processes. The power adapter is of fine design and efficient charging, the data is more environmentally friendly, the gloss lasts for a long time, the hand feeling is very comfortable, the workmanship is fine, the high quality texture is strong, the transmission speed is fast, and the data stability is strong, 100V to 240 yuan can be used in a variety of electricity environments. The development of the casual era, market demand, by the advanced laser marking machine instead of the past screen printing process, laser marking is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection processing technology, it has non-contact engraving, workpiece deformation, high engraving precision, high definition, good permanence, strong wear resistance, etc. Now the trademark LOGO of power adapter, switching power supply, charger and earphone is processed by laser marking machine to achieve the best effect! At present, they are all welcomed by customers. The power adapter is suitable for fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and two models.
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