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Application of laser welding machine in elevator industry

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-14
Laser welding machine is mainly used for metal stainless steel material welding, but its application scope is not limited to the processing of hardware electronic components, laser welding machine is also widely used in the elevator industry! With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the number of fancy products has also increased, and the variety of product shapes has increased, but the number is not large, and the outline is complex, so ordinary processing methods cannot be realized. The laser welding machine has a high degree of intelligence and can deal with various special-shaped workpieces, effectively reducing the labor intensity of operators and optimizing the production process. The extensive promotion and application of advanced laser welding technology has been greatly enhanced, reducing the labor cost of enterprises for elevator manufacturing industry and improving the consistency of production efficiency and product quality. Laser welding processing method is mainly applied to the welding of reinforced ribs of elevator panels in elevator industry. The traditional elevator car, the top of the car and the reinforcing ribs of the car bottom are all connected and fixed by adhesive, which is low in cost and suitable for the use in ordinary elevators, however, the adhesive method has poor durability and low strength, and will fall off over time. In the future, high-rise elevators will also assume the important responsibility of being life-saving passages in the case of fire, and will inevitably require the technological improvement and replacement of adhesive reinforced ribs. Therefore, the processing method of elevator reinforced ribs by laser welding arises at the historic moment. Application of laser welding machine in elevator industry: 1. Welding of reinforcing ribs of elevator car, car top and car bottom meets the strength requirements of elevator car Wall, and enable the elevator to be enabled under special circumstances; 2. The application of the bending position of the car plate groove to replace the production process of the adhesive L-shaped reinforcing rib makes the car more beautiful and meets people's aesthetic needs for the elevator. At the same time, the elevator life is longer; 3. The adoption of laser welding technology will also greatly improve the safety of elevator products, reduce maintenance costs and increase the service life of elevators. Elevator is an important tool for people's daily travel. The safe manufacture of elevator provides a basis for people's safe use. It is believed that with the gradual application of laser welding machine, it will inevitably affect the processing and manufacturing of elevators and other equipment in more fields and provide more safety tools for people.
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