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Art crafts laser cutting

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-17
Metal technology in our country since chow period bronze art brilliant achievements, and promote the production of different metal craft, such as in guanghan, sichuan shudu unearthed sanxingdui gold mask, gold scepter, the bronze mirror of han dynasty, tang dynasty's treasure, have bright is dazzing, give a person with a sacred, noble aesthetic pleasure. From brilliant ancient civilization to the rapid development of science and technology today, the popularity of laser processing technology, for the metalworking artists provides a kind of brand-new advanced authoring tools, they are thinking and review on the basis of traditional metal art, using laser technology, multidimensional, materials and technology to create new art, hammered the metal art boundary, makes the value of the 'ancient' and 'today' in the process of the continuous smelting, harmony symbiosis. 1, laser cutting, laser cutting machine is a new era of metal processing 'darling', is the product of modern science and technology. The name of the Belgian artist wim delvaux trademark laser cutting metal sculpture and of the cunning and humorous metal technique to make complex, decorative building spiral more fascinating. In 2016, after the boom over new mobile payment way, and the birth of a large technology is Shared cycling, then ofo: yellow car is the worship of orange bikes popular in China. Just these bikes are nothing special. However, 7-eleven's Twenty Seven building 'Erembald' bicycle is maverick. This bike with laser cutting technology to build and become. Therefore, it can meet the requirements of the rider, meet their expectations. The bike completely made of stainless steel material, modelling concise. Because of inspired by the cellular structure, the a bicycle has a unique organic design. In addition, users can also he scratched his name on the bicycle locks, so more highlights the uniqueness of the bike. Designer Antonio Rodriguez of laser cutting technology using the fine processing of stainless steel plate, external cover natural leather, combined into this very elegant chair, can enjoy can also be used. The Danish designer SOFIE brenner design cheek is red chair. Chair surface using hard aluminum production and processing punch on the surface of the seat with laser cutting technology, coupled with soft to do something. The whole design set on the touch, feel and visual art effect. Now the metal laser cutting technology to change the mode of traditional metal processing, also for manufacture process of changing our way of thinking. In addition, laser marking also play an important role in the metal processing. 2, laser marking metal laser marking machine for metal now processing provides high efficiency machining solutions. With the fully digital laser engraving and unique laser die deep carved technology, with high stability, high accuracy and easy to operate, more novel tag process, for metal processing technology provides more possible now. Laser marking metal name card in addition to the above listed a little work, there are still a lot of creative work spread in the folk, from now on, sign up to participate in the '2019 China LMN laser gen art competition', can shine a light skills, to share our own art. This contest aims by laser and the artistic inspiration the social public's perception of laser science and technology, and promote the development of laser technology integration in our country culture creativity; Let more hobby art creators adopt the advanced processing technology, laser technology to express Chinese culture, urban culture through creative deep and precious intangible cultural heritage in China, and makes creative design services market, docking consumption, and become a hot favourite brand. Recommendation: laser cutting equipment discount bargain offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser cutting equipment 】 It is mainly used for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum, iron, gold, silver etc. Thickness is 1. 0 ~ 25 mm plate; 【 Stainless steel laser cutting equipment 】 Classic gantry double drive structure of stable and reliable, automatic switching table, at the same time of cutting up and down on another table, convenient and quick to save time; 【 Optical fiber laser cutting 】 With high-speed movement speed, acceleration and dynamic performance, is laser for efficient and specialized research and development of a product, its cutting 0. The speed of 5 mm stainless steel reached 100 m/min. 【 Carbon steel sheet metal laser cutting 】 Specializing in sheet metal processing industry demand for sheet of processing in the field of research and development design of laser processing equipment, it has a very high cost performance, with CNC system control, efficiency is much higher than in other laser cutting equipment for the board drive mode control. More CNC laser cutting laser processing equipment reflects not only the artistic conception of art, is also the embodiment of the science and technology, is the light of science and technology, the light of the future, the wisdom of light, the light of art, only everyone knows everyone to participate in, to laser technology, let the art world. Laser cutting laser cutting arts and crafts
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