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Aseptic filling machine is mainly applied to fluid food that can be continuously transported

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-29
The beverage packaging technology for aseptic processing of aseptic filling machine is mainly applied to fluid food that can be continuously transported. Aseptic process is a very complicated continuous production process, in this process, any mistake or microbial re-contamination of the product will affect the failure of the entire aseptic system and affect the health and safety of the entire batch of products. At present, the concept of cleanliness has a very important application in the safe production of aseptic filling machines. A sterile and clean environment must be established and created in the packaging system so that sterilized products can be filled into sterile packaging containers in this area and then sealed. At present, kangmeibao filling machine can establish a stable 100-level clean environment. So as to ensure aseptic production. The generation of sterile wind enables the positive pressure of sterile laminar air to achieve the required cleanliness. Kangmeibao filling machine uses a filter screen and two HEPA precision filters to fully ensure aseptic laminar air. At the same time, the filter screen will be sterilized before production, thus ensuring the effectiveness of aseptic wind. After the establishment of the aseptic filling system, it must be effectively guaranteed to maintain the aseptic state of the filling machine by laminar aseptic air with positive pressure. At present, kangmeibao filling machine can continuously produce aseptic system for 20 h. Necessary safety measures should be taken to prevent the damage of cleanliness. GMP food hygiene operation standard and HACCP control method are the basis for effective implementation of clean concept. The hygiene and cleanliness of the special production site will affect the aseptic environment and affect the safety of the product.
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