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Aseptic filling machines are widely used in aseptic packaging of fluid food

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-01
Aseptic filling machine is widely used in aseptic packaging of fluid food aseptic filling machine is widely used in aseptic packaging of fluid food such as fruit juice, fruit pulp and jam. Aseptic filling machine manufacturers at room temperature, the product can be stored for more than one year, can save the cost and risk of low temperature refrigeration transportation. The aseptic filling machine is directly connected with the sterilization machine, and the products sterilized by UHT can be directly filled in sterile bags. Aseptic bags are aluminum-plastic composite multi-layer bags, which can effectively isolate sunlight and oxygen; Ensure product quality to the maximum extent. The temperature adjustment system automatically adjusts the temperature of the filling room, and uses the steam injection method to sterilize the bag mouth and the filling room. Aseptic filling machine can fill various kinds of sterile bags or aseptic packing boxes from 1L to 1300L. Performance requirements of beverage aseptic filling machine 1. The packaging container and sealing method used must be suitable for aseptic filling, and the sealed synthetic container must be able to prevent microbial penetration during storage and distribution. At the same time, the packaging container should have the physical characteristics to prevent the chemical change of the product. 'Aseptic filling machine manufacturer'2. The surface of the container in contact with the product must be sterilized before filling, and the effect of sterilization is related to the degree of contamination on the surface of the container before sterilization. 3. During the filling process, the product must not be contaminated by external conditions such as any equipment components or the surrounding environment.
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