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At the end of 2020 to eliminate urban black smelly water to reach more than 90%

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
“ Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Urban and rural construction in our province since the new results were obtained in all work of the water sector. The reporter learned from the meeting, sewage treatment and other towns significantly speed up infrastructure construction, the provincial cities ( The county) Sewage treatment facilities capacity for many years, first in the country in nearly three years the province of new city ( The county) Sewage pipe network, & other; Five-year & throughout; 1 of total sewage pipe network. Eight times. The urban sewage treatment facilities efficiency score in the national ranking from the past more than 20 for a long time to the second and the third quarter of this year up to the sixth and ninth respectively, rainfall partition first place; Expanding coverage of urban and rural sewage treatment facilities in water sector, including the pearl river delta city of 7 ( Guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai, foshan, huizhou, dongguan, zhongshan) Realizing a complete coverage of the township sewage treatment facilities; Progress was made in urban black smelly water governance, guangzhou, shenzhen, dongguan city, double duty gushing, car vicious, soil HuaChong, HuaYangHu aboard in supervision during the period of the central environmental protection supervision in the public as a typical experience fully recognized; Urban water supply water saving management level rising steadily, drains management and emergency ability unceasingly strengthens; Promoted the city rainwater recycling equipment sponge, black smelly water governance and a series of pilot construction, shenzhen rainwater recycling equipment sponge pilot city construction are among the best in the country, guangzhou success to declare the national first batch of black smelly ShiFan water governance. In December, housing and construction department of guangdong province organized the province city water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, black smelly water management, rainwater recycling equipment sponge urban construction work conference, the key study for the next step work deployment, promote the development of urban and rural construction in water sector in our province high quality. The meeting is clear, black smelly water (end of this year, guangzhou, shenzhen city proper Including new) Eliminate ratio above 90%, basic implementation changzhi long qing; Level by the end of 2019, around the black smelly water listed in proper proportion to eliminate significantly increased, by the end of 2020 to over 90%; The pearl river delta area of city for full black smelly water to eliminate proper as soon as possible. Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction department officials stressed that the province should adhere to the goal orientation, resolutely play fight pollution control to be completed and urban water governance black smelly signature campaign.
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