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Automatic chili sauce filling production line

Automatic chili sauce filling production line


Automatic chili sauce filling production line

Being able to fill almost all sauces and sauces is the biggest advantage of this fully automatic chili sauce filling production line, including large pieces of meat sauce, granular sauce, thick sauce, bean paste, sweet noodle sauce, chili sauce, etc.

Product introduction: As the company's newly developed filling equipment, the fully automatic chili sauce filling production line has played a key role in the market. The unique technology makes the entire packaging market full of vitality. It is a collection of light, machine, and electricity. , Air in one, adopting piston quantitative principle, high filling accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The main material of the equipment: made of SUS304 stainless steel, which meets sanitary requirements. The filling process is isolated from the outside world by acrylic transparent board to ensure the filling Hygiene requirements. The filling adopts pressure filling, no high-position tank is required, which simplifies the installation process and improves the filling efficiency. It can be widely used in the automated packaging production of products in the food and sauce industries.

Equipment features: 1. Quick cleaning, easy adjustment, stepless speed regulation of the volume cylinder movement, suitable for filling different specifications and different materials. The filling volume is adjusted at one time, and each volume cylinder can be adjusted separately, with high filling accuracy and good consistency. The materials in contact with the materials are 316 stainless steel, silicone rubber, which meets QS specifications. 2. Imported deceleration motor stepless speed regulation control filling plunger cylinder, not only suitable for various pastes, but also for sauces. 3. The imported electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake work together to eliminate inertia and high filling accuracy. 4. The man-machine interface communicates with PLC, debugging equipment or changing varieties only needs to be set on the screen. Bottle feeding, positioning, filling and discharging are all automatic operations. 5. The equipment will automatically protect when the bottle is not in place during filling, the bottle is blocked, and the live liquid tube is not inserted into the bottle, and the operation will continue after removal

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