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Automatic fiber laser marking machine automatic CNC laser engraving principle?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-13
The principle of automatic laser marking machine controlling laser marking machine is generally divided into vector and dot matrix marking when marking products, while laser vector marking does not form characters by marking points, but through laser lines to achieve marking. For vector graphics, points, lines, circles and arcs are the constituent elements of their basic patterns and text characters. 1, the generation of a straight line the function of the automatic laser marking machine to draw a line actually consists of two parts: first find out the coordinates of the two endpoints of the straight line, and then convert it into the position coordinates of the mirror, respectively control two different working positions of the mirror from the starting point to the end of the swing at the same time control the fiber laser marking machine laser marking. 2. Generation of points the automatic laser marking machine draws the same points as the line, and the points can actually be regarded as straight lines with the same first and last positions to operate. 3. The generation of circles and arcs is marked by controlling the vibrating mirror of the full-automatic laser marking machine. Drawing straight lines and points is the easiest to realize and the fastest operation, therefore, drawing circles and arcs is also achieved by straight lines. If you draw a straight line as a very short string, you can draw a circle. The endpoints of these chords are all on the circumference of the circle. However, if the number of line segments is too small, that is, each chord corresponds to an arc of 10 degrees, the circle generated by the chord is not very smooth. Therefore, in order to make the number of circles smooth, the better, the more the number of chords, the faster the calculation speed and the processing speed will be reduced. This will be adjusted according to different marking requirements. Generally, the same method of drawing the circle can be used to draw the arc, but unlike the circle, as a part of the circle, the central angle corresponding to the ARC must be used to draw it. 4. Marking of vector characters the full-automatic laser marking machine uses vector to mark characters, just like writing with a pen. The laser can be regarded as a pen and marked according to strokes. The difference is, laser Marking adopts the principle of proximity and tries to make strokes continuous, instead of marking according to the stroke order of characters, so as to improve the marking speed.
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