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Automatic liquid, powder, paste filling linkage line

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-24
? First, the operation method 1. Check before use: After the machine is installed, turn on the power and test run the three-phase motor to ensure the correct running direction, ensure the pressure and flow of compressed air (0.5m3 / min-6bar), and check whether the motors, bearings, etc. Lubrication is strictly prohibited. Oil-free operation is strictly prohibited. Start the machine only after normal operation. At the same time, observe whether the fasteners in all parts are loose. Only after the operation of each part is stable, can it be used normally. 2. Check whether the safety facilities function normally. 3. Check all the water tanks for water before starting, check whether the chain board is stuck, whether there are sundries on the conveyor belt, whether there are bottle caps in the storage box, whether the water source, power source and gas source are connected. After the power is turned on again, the main power QF is turned on, the power indicator is on, the fault indicator and the emergency stop indicator are not on, then the starting conditions are met. Press the start button on the control box and the start switch at the filling place. After the warning, the whole machine starts to run, and enters into the full-automatic working mode of external washing, flushing and filling. When the machine is stopped, press the stop button at the filling place and the control box. After the shutdown, the main power should be turned off. Second, use safety rules 1. No foreign objects in the filling machine equipment (such as tools, rags, etc.); 2. The filling machine does not promise abnormal sound, if it should stop immediately, check the reason; 3. All protective objects should be safe and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to wear clothing that may be caught by moving parts (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.); 4. People with long hair should wear hair hoods; 5. Do not clean the electrical unit with water and other liquids; 6. Wear work clothes, gloves, glasses, etc. when cleaning to prevent strong acid and alkali corrosion; 7. When the machine is running, someone must monitor it. Do not approach the machine with tools or other objects; 8. Do not allow personnel unrelated to the operation to approach the equipment. Installation precautions ???????1. After the machine is unpacked, first check whether the random technical information is complete and whether the machine is damaged during transportation in order to solve it in time. ???????2. Install and adjust the feed and discharge components according to the outline diagram in this manual. ???????3. Add lubricating oil to each lubrication point. ???????4. Turn the machine with a rocking handle and check whether the machine is running in the correct direction (counterclockwise in the face of the motor spindle). The machine must be grounded.
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