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Automatic water treatment equipment mainly run the process

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-11
Automatic water treatment equipment main processes are filter, softened water equipment, precision filter, reverse osmosis equipment, sterilization device, such as the five main steps. Pure water treatment equipment used in water treatment, as people life quality improvement, people focus on health, drinking water application of this equipment effectively improved the quality of drinking water. Automatic water treatment equipment operation process has mainly: first, put the water into the original water tank for precipitation, raw water by high-pressure pump input in quartz sand filter, the big particle pollutants filter. Second into the activated carbon filter, main effect is residual chlorine in water adsorption, odor, pigment, etc. Again into the automatic softening water equipment, reduce the raw water hardness, remove calcium and magnesium ions in water. In the usage of resin should be paid attention to when using the device, when the resin is in a state of saturation in a timely manner back flush, back to normal working state, to avoid affect water quality. After softening water penetrates through smart filters, to protect the back of the reverse osmosis device. Through pretreatment, into the reverse osmosis system, it is full automatic water treatment equipment, one of the main link, the system can effectively intercept molecular, such as heat source, the water pollution on the depth of water purification, according to the situation after the sterilization device, ensure the safety of drinking water and drinking water standards. Automatic water treatment equipment performance, water governance effect is remarkable, is well received by the users a lot. The development of the equipment, for the health of drinking water.
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