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Bottled purified water equipment technical characteristics

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-11
Bottled water is now settled in every household, so in recent years, bottled pure water equipment sales also increased dramatically. Not say that bottled pure water equipment sales, sales very hot. Let's discuss it. Bottled pure water equipment, technical features: 1, bottled reverse osmosis pure water equipment in normal room temperature, without phase change, we use physical method, we can contain saline water desalination bottled pure water equipment, in addition to salt. At present, the thin membrane element desalination rate to 99. 5%, at the same time also to go? 吗? Except the colloid, organic matter, bacteria, virus, etc. 2, bottled pure water equipment is imported reverse osmosis membrane desalination equipment rate is relatively high, bottled pure water equipment service life is long, cost is relatively low, therefore, the protection of our profits will be late. 3, bottled pure water equipment is fully automatic pretreatment system, realize unmanned operation; 4, bottled pure water equipment imported grundfos pump, high efficiency, low noise, stable performance and reliable; 5, on-line water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality and protect the water quality and safety; 6, our equipment is used in the automatic power control program, the equipment can also be equipped with touch screen operation, so that you can more easily use; 7, suit the local water personalized design, meet the demand in many aspects. 8, our company's production equipment covers an area of relatively small, and need less space. 9, reverse osmosis highly automated, operation, maintenance and maintenance workload rarely. 10, the processing of water only rely on water pressure as the power, in many process, its energy consumption is low. 11, we don't have a lot of bottled pure water equipment, chemical reagents and acid, alkali treatment, no chemical drainage device cost and no environment pollution. 12, reverse osmosis water system can run continuously, the system is simple, convenient operation, product quality and stability. Bottled pure water equipment, the technical features of these basic, we should understand the bottled pure water equipment, technical features, you can choose when we choose our equipment better bottled water manufacturers, you can shop around, choose our China's water treatment equipment.
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