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Bottled water filling machine is introduced and illustrated

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-09
Bottled water filling machine production line should establish independent water supply system, as far as possible to ensure the stable operation of the water supply system, reduce the impact to the whole transient of water supply network. Start and stop the RO system. When the RO unit directly from the raw water pipeline pump, high and low voltage protection facilities should be installed, and because most of the water pipe network pressure fluctuation is very big. Bottled water filling machine of the whole operation process is controlled by PLC, accurate positioning automatically, artificial labor intensity is reduced. The whole equipment adopt high strength stainless steel, stainless steel plate, small deformation; Transmission parts made from stainless steel, ensure the normal operation of institutions in various environments. Bottled water filling machine adopts suspension filling, different type bottle, bottle can use thick book, the structure is good, the control system is complete, convenient operation, high automatic degree and the parts contact with material adopt stainless steel cover system and efficient. Perfect feed technology and protection device is equipped with overload protection device, which can effectively protect the equipment and operating personnel. Control system has the material water level automatic control and the bottle of automatic stop function. Mountain spring water filling production line according to certain requirements. Contains substances of large molecules or ions in water. Demand in different industries, under different conditions of use may be different. This is also the key factors influencing the effect. Production is with higher purity requirements of water, bottled water filling machine can meet the requirements of mountain spring production, and the external environment can not keep the water clean. After produce water, may affect the quality of the output water. Above is about bottled water filling machine is introduced and the description and explanation related Jane said, the company main products are pure water equipment, mineral water equipment, 3 - 5 gallons bottled water automatic equipment, bottled water, automatic filling equipment, beverage filling equipment, beverage filling equipment, easy pull cover filling equipment, tomato paste filling equipment, tea beverage filling equipment, etc. , such as interested in our products, welcome to inquire.
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