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Bottled water filter production equipment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-12
Bottled water production equipment filter often consists of quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter device and precision filters. Main purpose is to get rid of the sediment contained in raw water, rust, colloid substances, suspended solids, pigment, odor and biochemical organic matter. Values of the residual ammonia water and pesticide pollution and other harmful substances. If the high content of calcium and magnesium ions in raw water, you need to add water softening device. Main purpose is to protect a stage after reverse osmosis membrane from big particle damage, so as to prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane. Precision filter the fine filter aperture is 5 um, which can effectively prevent the membrane into the large particles in the reverse osmosis. Multi-stage pump through the reverse osmosis pressure must be condensed water side to get fresh water, in order to realize the solution from the side of high concentration to low concentration lateral infiltration. Here, the multistage pump is used to increase the water pressure. My company use hangzhou southern multistage pump with functions of thermal protection, multistage pump stop working automatically when temperature rises. In addition, the low voltage protection switch used in multistage pump inlet side. When the inlet pressure is low or there is no water, multistage pump shut down automatically to protect it. The main part of the reverse osmosis host secondary reverse osmosis host is RO membrane element. The design of reverse osmosis water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, water utilization rate is 75%, desalination rate more than 98% of total system, electric control part adopts imported components, length is longer than the other. Life expectancy. In addition, the import time relay also to ensure the automatic cleaning of reverse osmosis and reduce drug washing frequency. Most of the other instruments and devices use imported components to improve quality. Mainly by the booster pump, shell membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, control circuit and so on, is the core part of the whole water treatment system. Water quality depends on the quality of this part. Want to choose the model and the booster pump model of membrane, reverse osmosis host can realize the filtering capacity of more than 99% of salt in water, and electrical conductivity of the fluid can guarantee within 10. We/cm ( 25 degrees) 。 Jiangsu new source machinery co. , LTD is located in the beautiful and rich 'the Yangtze river golden triangle' area. The factory is set research and development for the integrated beverage packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises. Has the technical force, processing equipment, testing means, quality assurance and after-sales service. Production of the barrel, bottled production line series are not only well received by domestic users, and exports in southeast Asia, more than 10 countries. Our factory to meet the needs of the customers as our goal, to provide customers with turn-key project. 主要经营三合一灌装机供应商,三合一灌装机报价,三合一灌装机生产厂家,三合一灌装机厂家,灌装机供应商报价,灌装机设备批发价,灌装机生产线报价,灌装机生产线价格,灌装生产设备价格,灌装机生产设备批发,张家港灌装生产设备,张家港灌装生产设备价格,灌装生产设备批发,灌装生产设备供应商,水处理设备供应商报价,水处理设备生产厂家,水处理设备供应商,水处理设备批发价,大桶水生产设备,张家港大桶水生产设备,大桶水生产设备价格,大桶水生产设备,苏州大桶水灌装机价格,张家港大桶水灌装机,大桶水灌装机,张家港大桶水灌装机价格,大桶水灌装机价格,大桶水灌装机供应商,瓶装水灌装机价格,瓶装水灌装机供应商,张家港瓶装水灌装机厂家,张家港瓶装水灌装机,瓶装水灌装机供应商,苏州瓶装水灌装机价格,饮料灌装机价格,饮料灌装机供应商报价,苏州饮料灌装机生产线,饮料灌装机生产线厂家,饮料灌装机生产线价格,饮料灌装机生产线供应商,碳酸饮料灌装机供应商,碳酸饮料灌装机生产厂家,碳酸饮料灌装机报价,碳酸饮料灌装机设备,小型瓶装水灌装机,瓶装水灌装机报价,小型瓶装水灌装机厂家,瓶装水灌装设备,瓶装水灌装机设备,小型瓶装水灌装机设备,桶装水生产设备等。
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