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Brief analysis on type and principle of laser welding machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-14
When it comes to laser welding machine, it must be associated with its welding principle. Friends in the industry naturally don't have to say it. They all understand its work flow, but some friends who purchase laser welding machine equipment don't necessarily understand it, so today, Shenzhen laser welding machine Xiaobian will share with you the working principle of laser welding machine. Let's take a look at it: laser welding has outstanding directionality and high brightness due to the characteristics of laser, high strength, high monochromatic, high consistency. That is to say, when the laser beam irradiates the workpiece, the external surface product is small, and the high heat generated by the laser beam gathering optical system interacts with the laser welding data, constitute a highly concentrated heat source area, heat can make a joint and weld cooling and crystallization of the welding data area melting. According to the use of different lasers and their working methods, there are two commonly used welding methods in laser welding, one pulse laser welding, which is mainly used for single fixed point successive welding, welding constitutes a circular solder joint; The other successive laser welding is mainly used for large thick welding and cutting. In the welding process, a successive weld is formed. Generally speaking, the selection of laser welding machine is based on welding data. Some degree of melting phenomenon, the strength in the welding process, can occur and generate depends on the appearance of laser power density and peak power, and control the above parameters to use a variety of different welding processes. In laser welding, the beam focus orientation is one of the most important control process parameters, at a certain laser power and welding speed, the only focus is on the best orientation to obtain maximum penetration and outstanding weld formation. Well, today's sharing is over here. The above is all the content shared for everyone. If you need to know more about laser welding machine products, you can contact our online customer service at any time, or you can directly contact the laser welding machine manufacturer Xiaobian!
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