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Brief introduction and advantages of hand-push automatic washing machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-01
Hand-push automatic floor washing machine hand-push automatic floor washing machine is a machine suitable for hard floor cleaning, which can absorb sewage and take it away from the site, thus realizing environmental protection, energy saving and cleaning. Hand-pushed scrubbers are suitable for all kinds of floor cleaning tasks, including concrete floor, wear-resistant floor, terrazzo, epoxy floor, ceramic tile, marble, PVC, silicon carbide, small square ceramic tile and plastic floor. Introduction, according to the power mode, it can be divided into: AC scrubber (Also known as wire scrubber), DC scrubber (Also known as battery scrubber); AC scrubber (Also known as battery scrubber). According to the working mode of the scrubber, it is divided into folding type, hand push type and drive type scrubber. The working principle and composition of the washing machine: The washing machine is a fully automatic cleaning equipment that combines spraying, cleaning and sewage recovery. It is equipped with Brush Motor, brush plate and water absorption motor. Mainly by brush plate, clean water tank, sewage tank, power supply (Wire or rechargeable battery) , Control components, water absorption motor, water absorption, spindle, universal wheel, drive motor (Fully automatic)Etc. The hand-pushed automatic washing machine can solve the following problems: health and hygiene problems, effectively reduce environmental dust and environmental protection problems, effectively reduce the loss of dust and garbage to the ground, and dust will damage products, to avoid possible personal injury, dust will damage the factory equipment washing machine can create profits for users (Cost savings) The working speed is 6-40 times faster than manual work, effectively reducing dust in the environment ( Save time and expense, do not need to clean products frequently, maintain machines, clean regularly, etc)Improve work efficiency ( Clean and clean channels = faster movement and higher efficiency)A more dynamic cleaner (The working effect of the machine is better than that of manual work) Last but not least, a clean and tidy environment is the most effective and motivated marketing tool. The content of the article comes from the internet. If you have any questions, please contact us!
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