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Buy Rest Assured milk powder, look at the identity certificate of canned laser code spraying

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
Milk powder is the baby's 'food ration', and the safety and quality of milk powder are also the focus of attention of the industry and consumers. Many mothers hope to be able to quickly inquire about the origin, batch number and other information of milk powder, and to truly understand the production information of milk powder, thus further ensuring the quality of baby milk powder. Therefore, buy Rest Assured milk powder, look at canned laser code identification, more and more milk powder enterprises began to upgrade traceable packaging! In this newly upgraded packaging, the two-dimensional code of the product can or the bottom of the tank is marked directly on the packaging tank with a special two-dimensional code laser printer, replacing the original labeling type traceability code. Every can of milk powder will be endowed with unique identifiable identity information through laser coding technology in the production process, and the whole process of traceability information management will be carried out through this unique identifiable identity information. The milk powder one-yard traceability system is at the world's leading level. With its green, low-carbon, economical and environmentally friendly laser coding, it realizes automatic, integrated and streamlined production of safe and high-quality milk powder. Therefore, every consumer and user of milk powder can rely on the traceability code on the outer package of the product through mobile phones, the Internet and other means, on the one hand, specific information such as the name of the product, the manufacturer, the production time, the batch number of the product, etc. can be queried to ensure the safety and authenticity of each can of milk powder; On the other hand, it can be traced back to the market it specifically sent to, realizing consumers' assured purchase. The two-dimensional code of canned food is laser-coded, and the laser 'laser flying Series' optical fiber laser on-line coding machine is selected. It is an online laser marking machine specially customized by laser to meet the needs of industrial mass production. I have rich experience in marking canned food. Laser flying Series optical fiber laser on-line coding machine, flexible optical fiber is suitable for all kinds of assembly line requirements, with 'fast', 'accurate' and 'fine' coding efficiency, ensuring 24-hour continuous and stable processing, moreover, the electro-optic conversion rate is high, there is no consumables, and the laser life reaches 100,000 hours. This machine is an ideal choice for online coding of various metals, some nonmetals, PVC, aluminum film, rubber, plastic, HDPE and other materials! Product advantages: high efficiency: small structure, professional bracket can be conveniently installed on the assembly line, and the assembly line with complex working conditions can also cope with it freely and easily meet the needs of industrial mass production. Low cost: high electro-optic conversion rate, no consumables, saving processing cost. Long service life: professional industrial-grade lasers ensure faster marking speed and consistency of marking, continuous and stable processing for 24 hours, and maintenance-free time of 100,000 hours. Easy to operate: The Man-Machine dialogue interface is friendly, what you see is what you get, the operation is simple and easy to use, and the trouble of frequent changes of operators is eliminated.
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