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castable bulk metallic glass strain wave gears: towards decreasing the cost of high-performance robotics

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-12
Use of bulk metal glass (BMGs)
As the soft wheel in the strain wave gear (SWGs)
, Also known as harmonic drives.
SWGs is unique, Super
Precision gearbox with thin elastic bending function
A wall cup called a soft wheel.
Current research shows that BMGs can be cast at extremely low cost relative to machining and can be used as a replacement for steel in SWGs.
This method can significantly reduce the cost of SWGs, thus reducingcost robotics.
Attractive properties such as hardness, elastic limit and yield strength of BMGs may also be suitable for extreme environmental applications of spacecraft.
The BMG prototype was prepared from> 99.
Starting material of 9% purity obtained by arc melting in Ti-
Get the ar atmosphere.
The resulting ingot suction-
Cast into the shape of flexsplines and then processed into the final shape as usual.
X-ray diffraction using Cu k α radiation on Philips X-
Pert Pro confirming the structure.
DSC was performed on Netzsch DSC.
The test equipment and methods are described.
Commercial casting samples are first prepared in a batch of 15 kilograms by vacuum induction melting using Materion, the> 99% starting material of Elmore OH.
Denver Visser Precision uses a vacuum linear injection molding machine for commercial casting.
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