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Central urban sewage treatment equipment 'appetite'

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-07
【 Water treatment 】 Original information: recently, from the city center area city sewage treatment plant expansion project site news, after the project was completed in early December 2018 put into trial operation, make the central city wastewater treatment plant, sewage capacity up to 150000 tons/day, fully meet the current and future a period of urban sewage treatment requirements. It is reported, central city sewage treatment plant expansion project is one of the municipal key projects this year, 1 total project investment. On December 1, 800 million yuan, in 2017 officially start construction, mainly divided into technical renovation project and expansion project, the effluent discharge standard are level 1 A. Among them, the technical renovation project was completed in September 2018, and complete the acceptance into formal operation, further enhance the efficiency of wastewater treatment plant. Expansion project phase ii project using modified AAO aeration settling + + efficient precipitation + filter cloth filter + contact disinfection technology, the scale of processing for 50000 tons/day, was completed in December 1, 2018, and put into trial operation on December 24, stable standard rear can put into operation. At the same time, the city continue to intensify rain sewage diversion, sewage reform, further perfect the system of the sewage pipe network construction, improve the urban sewage collection rate, to ensure that the central city sewage plant run efficiently.
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