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Ceramic culture joins hands with ceramic laser marking machine to open up a new 'mainland'

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
Ceramics are both familiar and unfamiliar to most of our friends. We are familiar with seeing or listening to others in life, but where are we unfamiliar? We are unfamiliar with his culture and processing. Ceramic culture can be traced back as far as 10 thousand years ago, when Chinese ancestors invented pottery. Looking closer, it is modern porcelain. The ceramic culture during this period has a long history and is full of praise. The ceramic culture is introduced above, so let's talk about processing. At present, many small partners want to know if ceramics can be laser marked and engraved? Can ceramics be laser marked? Is ceramic laser marking easy to learn? In this series of questions about ceramic laser marking, it is understood that laser technology can now realize ceramic laser marking and lettering, and the adoption (CO2) Carbon dioxide laser marking machine this kind of related laser marking machine equipment. Ceramic laser marking machine uses CO2 RF laser and high-speed scanning mirror system. Equipped with high-quality optical devices and highly stable laser power supply. The marking effect of the whole machine has high accuracy and stable performance after long-term operation. However, the ceramic laser marking machine is also called: CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, non-metallic marking machine, its name is not important, the important thing is that the main marking products of this series of equipment are non-metallic, like plastic, wood, acrylic, ceramics, etc. . . . . . Ceramic laser marking and engraving also have the following very good advantages: 1. Strong traceability of permanent signs: traditional symbols can be simply erased, but the ceramic industry traces back to permanent symbols, this ceramic laser marking machine can be perfectly realized. 2. Good anti-counterfeiting: Laser symbols are permanent symbols and are not easy to be altered. Fonts are selected with continuous lines and clear lines, such as laser symbol system (Symbol security code) Combined with telephone voice query, its security is higher. 3. Less environmental pollution: the ink selected by the ink pad printing method is not completely non-toxic and harmless to the human body. Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances, which will cause more chemical toxic residues, polluting the environment and endangering the health of workers. They are gradually screened commodities in the world. In the United States, it has not been promised to use ink jet to mark the inner packaging of drugs, and all of them have been switched to laser marking machines. 4. Low operating cost: the laser symbol system is operated with zero consumables. Compared with the consumables of the traditional symbol system, it can be said that it has saved a lot of expenses for the enterprise. The ceramic laser marking machine system uses fiber lasers, fiber laser is attributed to non-consumable laser, with a laser life of up to 100,000 hours. The whole machine is planned with wind energy, and the power consumption of the equipment is only 0. 5 Degrees/hour. The above is the ceramic laser marking machine introduced for everyone, how is it not bad! As for some small partners, they are asking: how much power should laser marking machines use to mark ceramics? We will also answer such questions one by one, because laser marking on ceramics requires higher laser power, generally, CO2 laser marking machines with at least 50 W, 60 W, 100 W, etc. are used.
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