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China's manufacturing robotic automation market

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-31
, according to the economist magazine published on September 12, titled 'is still made in China' the article said, in the high technology to raise the service brings all the excitement and excitement, it is easy to forget China's contemporary economy is solid and is usually based on the manufacturing of low technology content. Now, China's manufacturing industry is widely considered in trouble. Article, according to this, Chinese officials have responded in them to understand way. Under the State Council may approve the 'made in China 2025', the program will use the subsidies to persuade manufacturers to upgrade their factory. The plan is to let become a green in China 2025 years ago, the innovation of 'world manufacturing power'. China is already the world's largest manufacturing power, in the field of nearly a quarter of global output. Wharton morris Cohen survey found that lead in many industries in China, and 'manufacturing reflux in developed economies is no large-scale'. Although some production is transferred to the country closer to its consumers, but China is still the focus of the so-called 'Asian factory' network. China has a good infrastructure and a lot of hard work and skilled labor. Though wages are rising, but its labor productivity is far more than India, Vietnam and other competitors, and before 2025 is expected to keep 6% to 7% growth each year. Manufacturing for almost all controlled by the private sector, including Chinese companies and foreign companies, they don't like state-owned enterprises under the government to promote investment unprofitable. Figure: foxconn plans to use robots to replace part of labor force, engaged in the work of boring the graph is a foxconn workshop interior. Esquel's boss, Marjorie Yang said subsidies may feel good, but can distort investment decisions, government funded like flashy hardware and robot technology, but the application of these technologies to get appropriate also need software and data analysis, and these areas have no money. Anyway, in the absence of government to promote, most private enterprises have to innovate at a fast speed. 'China to create' the large foundry enterprise, lex company boss Michael McNamara, according to product life cycle has become faster. The export of Chinese factories have to serve the market, but is now restructuring to focus on the prosperity of the local market. They are wise in terms of automation, worker training, as well as the method of new investment. He said, in this process, China is 'from the engine to the real innovators'. Barclays bank's Mr Yang believes that manufacturing is moving from 'made in China' into 'created in China'. In the 1980 s and 90 s, most of the factories for Taiwan enterprises ( Such as foxconn), Or western companies, Such as, lex company) All. He predicted that this area will gradually controlled by Chinese companies. Have controlled the high-end electronic equipment spare parts market in Taiwan, but he believes that many parts suppliers in mainland China is now very well. China is the world's industrial automation and robotics market. Chief executive ulrich with ABB technology of Switzerland, pease hz think phil, robot 'elevates the nature of work', because they strengthened the security and eliminate the need for a heavy work task. ABB's engineers in China has developed 'China dragon', this is a kind of special robot, for the computer industry is the products sell well all over the world. The engineer said, in many industries, China is still in learning to the world, but its electronic equipment manufacturing industry is so developed, so that 'the world is to learn from China. Terry gou, foxconn boss said that within five years, the company is engaged in the most boring job in the Labour force will have 30% was replaced by the robot, the liberated Labour can do something more valuable. Stay ahead for manufacturers to maintain their high quality customers. Nike has seen the company shifted to lower cost a lot of suppliers in Vietnam, but 30% of its supply from mainland China. Robot welding
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