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Choosing a Mineral Water Machine That Is Right for You

Choosing a Mineral Water Machine That Is Right for You


Your search for the right mineral water machine can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new in the industry. Gravity? Overflow? Pump? Or Piston? Which of these best matches your project? The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors as outlined in this guide.

The Container You Wish To Fill

When selecting the type of water filling machine you should begin by figuring out the type of material it’s made of. Aluminum, glass and plastic feature specific filling techniques. If you’re thinking of investing in an automatic mineral water machine that grabs bottles from the top, containers with non-standard cap or lid may not be ideal.

On the same note, liquid filling machines that grab bottles from the side may not work well with very wide containers. Some manufacturers may even ask to review your container before making any suggestions for you.

The other aspect of the container that may be of concern is the ease of labeling. Is it easy to label the container, and what labeling solution fits your needs - a standalone system, an integrated labeler, or a fully integrated system?

You can settle on any of the solutions mentioned, but by uncovering your needs ahead of time you can save a lot of time and money.

The Filling System – Liquid or Volumetric Level

Understanding the filling system of a mineral water machine is essential in the process of selecting the right filler. Your selection will be based on the fill level of your container as well as the items you need to fill. For low production rates, manual filling machines should be considered as they are space-efficient and affordable.

Semi-automatic filling machines produce bottles at a much faster rate, although they may require some manual operation. They may not reach the same operation as the fully-automated filling machines but their mid-range price makes them a perfect choice for small and medium-sized companies.

The Type of Pump to Use

Since the pump is the heart of any mineral water machine, expertise on this subject is crucial to choosing an ideal filing machine. Consideration shouldn’t be on capacity calculation but compatibility issues like what the product will do to the pump.

It’s also important to understand the fluid product characteristic change when pumped and under pressure. Sanitation needs, foam generation, accuracy, and backpressure are some of the selection process criteria that should be compared with what a customer needs.


It’s important to consider whether or not the mineral water machine you wish to purchase can integrate with the existing equipment or any others you may wish to buy in the future. This is important to the overall efficiency of your packing and you won't be stuck with obsolete machinery.

Manual or semi-automatic machines may not be easy to integrate but they’re designed to align seamlessly.


Filling accuracy ought to be a key advantage of any automated packing system. Under-filling your containers may lead to customer complaints while overfilling is the waste you can’t afford to have. Investing in machines that come fitted with PLC helps to control filling parameters is important. This doesn’t just ensure precise filling, but also product flow and consistency.

It also eliminates the overflow of products as well as the time spent on cleaning the machine and other surrounding areas.


Speed is a major concern when it comes to selecting a mineral water machine that’s right for you. If you’ve got a business with a high production rate you’re most likely going to benefit from efficient machines. Smaller businesses may trade speed for savings in space and cost. The speed of many smaller machines is measured based on the bottles produced per hour.

Those of larger, yet efficient machines are measured in bottles per minute. It’s important that you don’t overlook any future production needs when sourcing for a filling machine. It might be easier to buy with future growth in mind than upgrading your equipment after the fact.

The Nozzle Characteristics

The handling requirement of the liquid and physical characteristics of the container can determine the right nozzle type and size as well as whether subsurface filling or diving is necessary. Other container characteristics such as the nozzle type, container height, and bottle opening size will also determine the nozzle type needed.

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