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Color marking picture tutorial of fiber laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
At present, the domestic marking level can be said to be a thousand li a day, and the endless laser marking machine technology can gradually meet the requirements of users, especially on color picture marking, in fact, color marking is operated by using common fiber laser marking equipment. At the same time, fiber laser marking machine can be regarded as opening up a new market for laser marking. According to my estimation, perhaps in the next few short years will be the perfect replacement of the traditional color pattern plus technology, let's take a look at the fiber laser marking machine is how to carry out stainless steel color marking. Optical fiber laser marking machine color picture marking Tutorial: Laser color optical fiber laser marking machine can accurately mark curved surfaces and realize marking of any pattern on processing parts in different directions and spaces, which is convenient to operate, it will not produce any radiation and pollution, and has high processing efficiency. It can obviously improve the appearance value of stainless steel products, improve the quality grade of products, increase the added value of products, and improve the market competitiveness of products, and these, for stainless steel products manufacturers, these are the highlights to improve competitiveness and profit margins.
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