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Common problems and solutions of continuous automatic

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-31
Continuous automatic sealing machine Generally, the sealing machine is composed of a frame, a speed reduction transmission mechanism, a sealing and printing mechanism, a conveying device, and an electrical and electronic control system. The equipment is powered on, and the various mechanisms start to work. After the electric heating element is powered on, it heats up and down the heating block, and adjusts the temperature to the required temperature through the temperature control system. The embossing wheel rotates, and the cooling system starts to cool as needed. , And adjusted to the required speed by the speed control device. ? When the package containing the article is placed on the conveyor belt, the sealing portion of the bag is automatically fed between the two sealing belts in operation and brought into the heating zone. The heat of the heating block is transmitted to the sealing portion of the bag through the sealing belt. The film is heat-melted and softened, and then passed through the cooling zone to reduce the surface temperature of the film appropriately, and then rolled by the knurling wheel (or printing wheel), so that the upper and lower plastic films of the sealing part are adhered and the net pattern (or printed logo) is pressed. ), And then the sealed packaging bag is sent out of the machine by the guide rubber belt and the conveyor belt to complete the sealing operation. ? 不 Insufficient sealing is one of the common failures of continuous sealing machines. Insufficient sealing has three meanings: ? ① The seal of the packaging bag cannot be sealed. The causes of failure are mainly the following. ? (1) Insufficient heat seal temperature ? Under normal circumstances, when the total thickness of the bag made of OPP is 80 ~ 90μm, the heat-sealing temperature must reach 170 ~ 180 ℃; the total thickness of the bag made of PE as the lining is 85 ~ 100μm At this time, the temperature should be controlled at 180 ~ 200 ℃. As long as the total thickness of the bag is increased, the heat sealing temperature must be increased accordingly. ? (2) Heat sealing speed is too fast ? The failure to seal the mouth is also related to the speed of the sealing machine. If the speed is too fast, the seal can be heated in the future by the traction roller and sent to the cold press for cooling treatment, which naturally fails to meet the heat seal quality requirements. ? (3) The pressure of the cold rubber wheel is not suitable ? There is one upper and lower side of the cold-pressed rubber wheel, and the pressure between them should be moderate. You only need to clamp the spring when adjusting the pressure. ? (4) There is a problem with the quality of the heat-sealing film ? Sealing is not related to the quality of the heat-sealing film. If the corona treatment of the compound lining is not uniform, the effect is not good, and it just happens to be at the sealing place, and it cannot be sealed. This situation is rare, but once it occurs, the product must be scrapped. Therefore, in the color printing and packaging industry, it is the next process to supervise the previous process. When a quality problem is found, the cause must be analyzed and resolved in time. If there is moisture or dirt on the seal, it will also cause the seal to be weak. ? In short, to solve the problem of inadequate sealing, generally the heat sealing temperature can be appropriately increased, and then the heat sealing speed can be reduced, while increasing the pressure of the cold-pressed rubber wheel. ? ② Under the pressure of the sealing knife, although the bag mouth is sealed, it is squeezed or peeled a little hard, and the seal is cracked again. The reasons that lead to the second type of sealing failure are mainly the following. ? (1) Insufficient heat seal temperature ? Only need to increase the heat sealing temperature properly to solve the problem. ? (2) The face of the heat sealing knife is not flat enough ? The heat-sealing knife is divided into upper and lower pieces, usually thermocouples are installed in it to sense the temperature transmission. There are three screws on the heat sealing knife. The middle screw plays the role of supporting and reinforcing the blade. The other two screws are equipped with pressure springs and gaskets, which are mainly used to adjust the pressure of the heat sealing knife. The upper and lower blades each have two springs. . The main cause of the uneven surface of the heat-sealing knife is that the middle screw is inclined, not horizontal; or the pressure of the pressure spring of the upper heat-sealing knife is uneven. The sealing machine is a heat sealing device suitable for small businesses and homes. 220V AC power is usually used, and the heating power is hundreds of watts. The sealer circuits produced by various manufacturers are similar. Now take the FR-200 sealer as an example to analyze the working principle and maintenance examples of the circuit. ? ③ When the peeling test is performed on the sealing place, the phenomenon of half-seal and half-separation occurs. The sealing quality of such a packaging bag is still unqualified, because the contents are easily leaked by extrusion during storage and transportation. This situation often occurs when the composite lining is OPP and blown PE. ? 实例 Maintenance example ? 常见 Common fault causes of this machine are burned out transformer, damaged thyristor, broken heating bar, etc. ? Example 1: Depress the handle, switch K is closed, RL is continuously heated and heated, z finally heats up the plastic bag sealing part; when repairing, the thyristor is welded and measured with a multimeter, and it is found that the T1 and T2 electrodes have broken down. It can be repaired after replacing the thyristor. Triac is 3A / 600V, such as TLC336A. ? Example 2: BL cannot heat seal after pressing down the handle. Open the casing and visually observe that the transformer has burned out, and the primary coil of the measuring transformer has been broken. At this time, it can be repaired by replacing the transformer with the secondary voltage of about 25V and the same power as the original. The local transformer works intermittently, so its power capacity is about 350W. If the temperature is too high, or the continuous use time is too long, it may cause damage to the transformer, which should be paid attention to during use. ? Example 3: When the handle is pressed, the heating temperature cannot be adjusted when the power is turned on. During maintenance, mainly check the potentiometer VR. Because the VR is often rotated, the carbon membrane of the VR is damaged. Use the new VR instead. ? The above is the entire content of common problems and solutions of continuous automatic sealing machine shared with you today. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.
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