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Composite welding robot system implementation concept car design innovation

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-29
Car headlights and tail lights to make use of metal and glass assembly has lagged behind the trend of The Times, as a modern materials, plastic car design showing a new look. Now, by a new technology, which can realize auto lamp the diversification of design style and size. Staubli six axis robot and Germany branch photoelectric ( LPKF) Company cooperate with composite laser welding system, as a system of key parts cooperate to achieve energy input, and provide innovative welding technology with flexible fixture installation, complete the standard ABS or ABS/PC composite plastic welding chimney and transparent organic glass lenses. If there is no delicate plastic lamp assembly, people can't imagine how modern cars. Is unknown, now car designers in the lamp's choice of size and shape in the process of production is still very limited. Using standard vibration or the low stress of hot plate welding, only in the workpiece reaches a certain size and shape can be relatively flat. Also, use of transparent organic glass mirror black injection to hide the irregular seam edges. Composite laser welding is completely abandon the disadvantages of traditional plastic welding technology, both standard ABS and PC/ABS composite plastic welding chimney and transparent organic glass mirror, is the ideal choice. The technology bring about lower mechanical stress in complete high grade 3 d welding, the trick is to set precise beam intensity. Germany branch photoelectric ( LPKF) The company and its partners have developed using the robot's laser composite welding process, and since 2005 has been applied to several typical. The patent technology in mass production also verified the reliability, large car taillights of South Korea's hyundai welding will benefit from this. In Germany division series lamp manufacturing solutions, staubli precision of six axis robot and rotary working platform is a large number of applications, not only effectively shorten the processing cycle, reduce the cost of the materials and tools, and avoids the time-consuming process, heat treatment shows the perfect appearance of plastic parts, highlights the new design concept. Based on the innovative elements and advantages, highly automated market division TwinWeld3D welding unit to overhaul the traditional plastic welding way. Compound is different from the simple laser welding, laser welding is not only on the bottom of the parts, laser can be absorbed effectively, is also effective for transparent plastic elements located at the top. Because the monochrome laser beam heating element can not connect directly to a transparent, in order to achieve this kind of welding method, need to monochrome laser beam and long wave multicolor halogen light matching, according to the parts to be welded together the melting point of choosing welding temperature. The combination of power source out the annealing treatment, not only improves the processing speed, low stress butt welding also implements the parts look perfectly. Parts of welded together uniform heating and cooling, means that other plastic welding method is used to release the pressure in the annealing process was completely in the composite laser welding slam the door, making it convenient assembly lighting system. And can be very large plastic lights and shapes on the surface of welding, bold, let the market division TwinWeld3D system successfully won the favor of the market. Robot welding laser welding
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