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Comprehensive analysis of the application of laser technology in mobile phone accessories! !

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-13
Before comprehensively analyzing the application of laser technology in mobile phone accessories, Xiao Bian first made a small discussion: Has the public been kidnapped by mobile phones? Since the launch of the smart phone, whether the mobile phone has kidnapped the public life, work, call, shopping, playing games, reading novels, people can not do without the mobile phone, in addition to the convenience of public life, people are also tied to their hands and feet by their mobile phones. They watch their mobile phones more than their friends and wives every day. As an advanced processing technology, 'Laser technology' plays an important role in the mobile phone manufacturing process. Laser marking machine technology, laser marking machine technology is the use of high energy density of laser on the workpiece for local irradiation, so that the surface material vaporization or chemical reaction of color change, therefore, a marking method of leaving sexual Marks has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed, clear marks, etc. The mobile phone adopts the marking method of laser marking, which can improve the anti-counterfeiting capability and increase the added value, making the product look higher in grade and more brand. We can find the shadow of laser marking everywhere on the mobile phone, such as Logo marking, mobile phone keys, mobile phone shell, mobile phone battery, mobile phone jewelry marking, etc. , even inside the mobile phone you can't see, there are also laser marking of parts. Laser cutting machine technology, laser cutting machine technology can be on the metal or non-metallic parts and other small workpiece precision cutting or micro hole processing, with high cutting precision, fast speed, small heat effect and other advantages. The Common Laser Cutting Technologies on mobile phones include: sapphire glass mobile phone screen laser cutting, camera protection lens laser cutting, mobile phone Home key laser cutting, FPC flexible circuit board laser cutting, mobile phone receiver network laser drilling, etc. Laser welding machine technology, laser welding machine technology is the use of high energy density of the laser beam as a heat source, so that the surface of the material melting and solidification into a whole. The size of heat affected area, Weld beauty, welding efficiency, etc. are important indicators to judge the quality of welding process. The main processing objects of Huagong laser precision laser welding machine are small workpieces such as parts and precision instruments. The welding precision is high, and there are a variety of welding supporting worktables such as integrated and split types to choose from. LDS laser direct molding. Nowadays, LDS laser direct molding technology has been widely used in the manufacture of smart phones. Its advantage is that the antenna track on the mobile phone shell is marked by using laser direct molding technology, whether it is a straight line or a curve, as long as the laser can reach the place, it can create a 3D effect, which can save the space of the mobile phone to a large extent, and can adjust the antenna trajectory at any time. In this way, the mobile phone can be made thinner, lighter, more refined, and more stable and shock-resistant. Personal electronic devices represented by mobile phones have greatly changed and facilitated people's lives. Functionalization, intelligence, dexterity and beauty are the development direction of mobile phones. With the technological progress of microelectronics industry and people's pursuit of mobile phone personalization, fine laser processing technology will play an increasingly important role in mobile phone manufacturing. At the same time, laser is also promoting the development of other microelectronics manufacturing related industries.
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