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To meet the requirements of the industries like beverage, daily chemical, food industries, and so on, Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. supplies different conveyors including air conveyor, roller conveyor, and chain conveyor.

The machines are all made of stainless steel SUS304 which are used to ensure the quick and easy transport. Designed with modular conveyor belt, the conveyors can assembly and maintain the products on the machine more conveniently. Our exquisitely-made belt features wear resistance, excellent product handling performance and can bear high mechanical strength. At every entrance of the air fan, there is an air filter which can prevent the dust from being blown into the bottles. One of the most important features of our conveyor is that it can ensure 100% stability and high efficiency of the objects transporting. Besides that, the machine allows the objects to be transported between different floors, which can effectively remove the space constraints. Our whole set of conveyor machines have the wide usage for the beverage filling line, such as water line, juice line, and carbonated drinking line.

As a professional manufacturer of bottling equipment manufacturer, J&D coves a wide range of businesses including offering considerate after-sale service, OEM and ODM service, and packaging custom service.

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