China's Leading Beverage Bottling Equipment Manufacturer

  • Which equipment do you need?

    Bottled beverage filling machine, 5 gallon bottle water filling machine, 3L-10L bottle filling machine or cup filling machine

  • What is the application of the equipment?

    The equipment are used to bottle the beverage like soda and juice and water into the bottles.

  • What kind of filling container do you want?

    Bottle, barrel, cup.

  • Which label do you want to use?

    The labeling machines include: hot melt glue labeling machine, cold glue labeling machine, self-adhesive sticker bottle labeling machine and automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine.

    Which packing method do you want to choose?

    The packing machines include: film packing machine and carton packing machine.

After confirming the above questions

 JNDWATER will make a preliminary plan given to customers for reference.

JNDWATER will invite customers to visit our factory, or our customers’ factories.
After confirming the final scheme, JNDWATER’s engineers will provide customers with equipment layout for free.

When customers confirm the layout drawing, we will sign up the contract.

After receiving customers’ deposits, we will begin the subsequent work.

The subsequent work includes:

01. Design the sample of bottle

02. Design the Label

03. Produce the equipment

When the all the machines are completely produced, JNDWATER will assemble the blowing machine, filling machine, labelling machine, date coding machine and package machine together, and then the staff of JNDWATER will do a trial running of the machine for simulation production. If there is any problem, we will immediately solve it to ensure that each machine is qualified before delivery. Meanwhile, JNDWATER will send the testing video to customers for confirmation.

04. Inspect and test before the equipment leaving the factory

If customers intend to come to our factory for examining the machines in person, or arrange the third party inspection, JNDWATER will positively cooperate and guarantee the inspection process smooth.

05. Deliver the products


After customers confirm the product qualified and the delivery date, we will pack the machines and provide the relevant packing data for customers. During transportation, Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co,. Ltd. can also provide shipping booking services for customers.


When loading, JNDWATER will take photos of the machines and the container, and send all the photos and seal numbers to customers.


JNDWATER will purchase insurance for customers’ all machines.


Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co,. Ltd. also provides clearance information for customers.


If customers are not familiar with the clearance information, JNDWATER will offer help.


During the transportation, we will keep in touch with customers.

06. Provide after-sale service


We are specialized in offering technical support and long-term service for customers. Welcome to contact us at any time!